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کوچ اجباری تخار و پنجشیر

In the name of Allah, the Judge and the Mighty

As a totalitarian group, promoting ethnic hatred and against national interests, the Taliban are not content with usurping power, violating public rights, confiscating the will of the people to determine their destiny, and suppressing the desire for justice.

Recently, reports indicate that this infamous group has forced displacement of indigenous people in Takhar and Panjshir provinces and areas in the northeast of the country, settling and illegally moving unknown families instead of the original residents of those areas. This approach is rooted in the idea of homogenization of native areas and the domination of Taliban authority in specific areas, and shows that Taliban, while having a terrorist nature, also pursues a policy of demographic engineering and ethnic assimilation inspired by the infamous world experiences and apartheid policies and Racial fascism that so far  has taken place.

Resorting to such old and failed tricks not only highlights the original nature of the Taliban, but also helps to inform people about this cruel, corrupt and totalitarian group.

Afghanistan, as a geographical area where different ethnic groups live, has not faced such a situation in any period in which the Taliban have grown and intensified the ethnic tension.

Although the ethnic differences in the country are basically caused by the principles of management that are not consistent with the realities of Afghanistan, the structure and unfair distribution of power and the clumsy actions of Ashraf Ghani’s rule, the unfortunate legacy of that period, but the Taliban have continued to follow that path so brazenly that the damage caused by it will remain for years to come. Although this approach has always faced the opposition and condemnation of the majority of the nation and the real leaders and justice-seeking figures of the respectable Pashtun people, who themselves are victims of Taliban terrorism and exclusivity, the Taliban still insist on the agenda of totalitarianism and eliminating the diversity of the Afghan society, and in this context, by implementing racist and totalitarian policies, they cause irreparable damage to the unity and cohesion of the Afghan people.

Respecting people’s right to property and free residence, away from the pressure of forced settlements, is the immutable principle of Sharia, a rational matter and one of the fundamental values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to international conventions, the rights and obligations of citizens, every citizen has the right to live freely, but forced migration, demographic engineering of native areas based on political agenda and decisions, is clear cruelty and is in conflict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Islamic practice.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, respecting the right of the people to own their properties and areas, condemns any action that leads to the forced migration of the indigenous people and considers it as an example of cruelty, injustice and blatant violation of the people’s rights.

This council asks the international community, the United Nations, the Security Council and especially the United Nations Human Rights Council to take a clear stand and take practical measures against the anti-ethnic policy of the Taliban group in Afghanistan.

While declaring that the people’s right to defend their property against oppression and atrocities and the forced settlement policy is reserved, this council also considers itself obligated and committed to defend the people’s rights and is sure that this dark period will end soon and that these totalitarian groups will fail in their evil goals of dividing and weakening the nation.

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