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On the arrival of March 8, International Women’s Day, we sincerely congratulate all the suffering but brave and proud women of Afghanistan and the women of the world.

This year, this day comes while the women of our land are deprived of their most basic rights, the gates of schools and universities are closed to them and they are also deprived of work and social activities, but the devoted women of the country are fighting to achieve their rights at the national level and International have not stopped their efforts and sacrifices.

After the repressive control of the Taliban over Afghanistan, at least thirty-five decrees have been issued against women and to deprive them of their Islamic and human rights. Women, who have many rights from the point of view of religious texts and the moderate reading of Islam, have been subject to gender apartheid in the eyes of the Taliban.

In today’s world, women work and strive alongside men for the prosperity of human society, development, science, technology, politics and governance. In some countries, the leadership of national affairs has been achieved by women with great success, and in many cases, the role of women in various discoveries and sciences is a source of hope and pride.

In Afghanistan, in the last twenty years, women played a very valuable, useful and effective role in various dimensions, including a graceful contribution in governance, the supply of human services, politics, media, freedom of expression, civil society and other fields, which with the collapse of the system and the country and the Taliban’s dominance girls and women of the country have been removed in reality, and at the same time, contrary to the instructions of the religion of Islam, “Iqra” and “seeking knowledge, the duty of all Muslims and Muslims”, the gates of schools and universities have been closed to them and their interpretation of women’s rights They have exhibited in the context of the house and the sexual slave. While the religion of Islam has given a special place to women and called them very respectable.

Despite all this violence, repression and exclusion, the brave and courageous women of Afghanistan, both inside and outside the country, are standing firm and stable at the forefront of the legal struggles against the oppressive and illegitimate domination and the irreligious orders and against the humanitarian principles of the Taliban. The National Resistance appreciates and supports their lawsuits and rightful struggle.

The National Council of Resistance expressed the clear view of the Secretary General of the United Nations regarding the current situation of Afghan women, the views presented in the last meeting of the Security Council of that organization regarding the widespread violation of human rights, especially the deprivation and exclusion of Afghan women under the rule of the Taliban and the imposition of sanctions by the European Union. Two extremist officials of the Taliban and similar clear positions of other countries against the misogynistic policies of the group that dominates our country, appreciate and at the same time praise and support all the struggles and lawsuits for women’s rights at the national and international level, and declare that in achieving women’s rights Essentially, they have full commitment to their rightful role and position and do not spare any efforts in this regard.

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