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In the name of God, the All-Knowing and All-Powerful

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan strongly condemns the action of the Taliban to ban women from working in the United Nations offices in the country. It further isolates the people and puts the people who are already facing a dire and unfortunate economic situation in extremely unfortunate and unbearable economic conditions.

This council believes that the basis of the suffering and pain of the people is caused by the illegitimate and oppressive rule of the Taliban over the country, which unfortunately was imposed on the country as a result of a vague international and regional conspiracy and the betrayal of the ruling group at the time, and by confiscating the public will. It has deprived people of their basic rights.

The approach of the United Nations towards Afghanistan in the post-fall phase of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has unfortunately been passive, and this organization has regrettably observed the weekly funding of an extremist and criminal group, which has taken Afghanistan and its citizens hostage according to the geopolitical interests of its supporters.

While welcoming the establishment of an independent commission to assess the situation in Afghanistan within the framework of the UN Secretary General’s office, this council states that the UN Secretary General and human rights reporter Mr. Richard Bennett should not only condemn the unwise actions of the Taliban, but rather punitive measures and pressures are needed. In an all-round political effort, the international community should force the Taliban to comply with the fundamental rights of the Afghan people, which is the restoration of democracy, the rule of law, and the strengthening of the system stemming from the will of the Afghan people, and not to make the Afghan people miserable from now on.

This council is of the opinion that the United Nations and its subordinate institutions should get out of the passive mode towards Afghanistan and by putting pressure on the countries opposed to the establishment of a mechanism to monitor human rights violations in Afghanistan, they should provide a basis for the establishment of this mechanism. An action can be an initial but practical step in order to hold accountable those responsible for widespread, systematic and catastrophic violations of human rights in the country and reduce the suffering of the Afghan people.

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