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In the name of God, truth and justice

By resorting to violent approaches, the Taliban terrorist group has committed crimes against humanity and against all Islamic, moral and humanitarian standards, and has shot and massacred hundreds of innocent and oppressed residents of Panjshir province.

Resorting to violence, targeted killings, committing human crimes and genocides are part of the Taliban’s approach and culture, which they are proud of.

The Taliban terrorist group treats prisoners of war inhumanely, un-Islamically and against the laws of war, and does not believe in any religious, humane or moral principles. Besides, they are engaged in forced migration, mass killings and fueling ethnic tensions every day, and all hopes are lost. People have turned this land into despair and have taken the life of a nation hostage.    The published videos of the war crimes committed by the Taliban in Panjshir province are concrete examples of genocide and anti-human acts that hurt the heart of every human being with feelings, but it is as if the deathly silence has prevailed instead of opposing and sanctioning this group. Money packages are sent to them every week, and unconventional diplomatic treatment is also done with them.

A group that hosts thousands of terrorist fighters, provides a smooth platform for the activities of terrorist groups in the region and commits war crimes every day, how can it be accepted by the international community?

The international community, whose motto is fighting terrorism and getting rid of terrorism, should not give this terrorist group more opportunities.

While strongly condemning the human crimes committed by the Taliban in Panhshir province, the National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan calls on the international community to sanction this group and stop helping the Taliban and recognize them as a terrorist group.

The National Resistance Council considers itself a partner in the mourning of the painful, but brave and brave people of Panjshir province, and wishes for the souls of the martyrs to be happy and their place in heaven.

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