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The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, believing in the principle of the interconnectedness of today’s world and the rapid and cross-border effects of developments in it, has always emphasized the coordination, joint cooperation and the decisive role of the international community in dealing with the challenges facing a member of the international environment, and based on this the rule has continuously tried to draw the concrete attention of the international community in relation to the dangers caused by the continuation of the illegitimate rule of the Taliban group over Afghanistan for regional and global peace and security.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan supports every occasion and action that emphasizes the restoration of the Afghan people’s sovereignty over their political destiny and respect for their basic and human rights, and will follow up and evaluate the Moscow consultative meeting based on the same principle.

Although the National Resistance Council considers not inviting the Taliban to the said meeting as a valuable step towards respecting the will and rightful demands of the Afghan people and appreciates such an action, as well as a clear sign of international approval that the aforementioned group is not legitimate to represent the people. He thinks that he expects the organizers and members of the Moscow consultative meeting to take more serious steps in supporting the people of Afghanistan and, citing the direct connection between the usurping rule of the Taliban group and the spread of terrorism and drug trafficking, to fundamentally review the way and level of their interaction with this group. .

Since the illegitimate domination of the Taliban group over Afghanistan, the human rights crisis has become increasingly severe, indigenous people have been forced to move from their residential areas, numerous cross-border and regional terrorist groups have been displaced in Afghanistan, especially in the northern borders of the country, and there are even reports Afghan passports have been distributed to such groups, women have been excluded from social life and deprived of education, civilians have been tortured and killed in a targeted manner, and security has worsened even in its basic sense.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers the above-mentioned cases to be potential and actual dangers that, if not taken seriously, regional and global peace and security will face unprecedented threats. According to this council, according to the mechanisms of the contemporary world, crises do not remain standing only in one country, and due to their pervasive nature, they easily cross borders.

The people of Afghanistan expect the consultative meeting in Moscow and the international community in general to cooperate with them in order to end the crisis in Afghanistan and bring a favorable and acceptable change for the people of this country, as a member of the human society that also has international legitimacy and implement effective measures in this field.

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