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نشست شورای امنیت در مورد افغانستان


In the name of Almighty Allah

The meeting of the donors of financial aid to Afghanistan is scheduled to be held today on 7th Cancer 1402 AH equal to 28th June 2023 with the aim of helping to improve the social and human conditions of the people of Afghanistan.

Understanding the unfortunate conditions of life in Afghanistan under the tyrannical rule of the Taliban, the National Resistance Council appreciates and thanks the attention of the international community and allocating the necessary assistance to the people of Afghanistan. But unfortunately, it should be pointed out that the experience of the past two years proves that these aids not only do not reach the needy people of Afghanistan in a healthy way, but the autocratic and dictatorial group of the Taliban catastrophically uses these human and humanitarian aids to strengthen the armed groups of the Taliban and in The fact is that terrorist groups are used to strengthen and they use widespread corruption in its distribution. It is clear that these aids strengthen and complete terrorism and suppress the oppressed and helpless people of Afghanistan.

For nearly two years, Afghanistan has faced a catastrophic setback in all fields. Government institutions, especially the economic sector and industry and trade, have suffered fatal blows. The rule of law has given way to violation of the basic rights of citizens, field murders, ethnic cleansing, and gender apartheid, confiscation of public will and establishment of autocracy in the garb of ethnicity and religious stratification.

Considering the disastrous economic situation of Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban and the fact that more than 90 percent of the people are below the poverty line and the high volume of unemployment and consecutive droughts and the need for more than 30 million of the country’s population to receive basic aid, sending aid to Afghanistan and People need it urgently and it is extremely necessary. Therefore, it is clearly requested in this case that a serious review be done in the way of distribution of international aid to Afghanistan and to ensure that the aid is distributed to the beneficiaries through a transparent and accountable process through the United Nations.

In order to ensure the prevention of corruption and the non-abuse of international aid by the Taliban suppression machine, the National Resistance Council proposes to establish a transparent mechanism with the supervision and participation of the people in order to ensure the distribution of aid to the deserving and to avoid the wastage of resources allocated to The people of Afghanistan should be prevented.

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