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In the name of God the Judge

The National Resistance Council as the umbrella of the political unit, with the idea that the presence of the political forces opposed to the Taliban in one line, will facilitate the way to confront the Taliban and free the country from the current situation, the membership of the Justice and Freedom Party of Afghanistan, led by a prominent and well-known personality Political, scientific and cultural and former Vice President, Professor Sarwar Danesh considers this council as a valuable step in the direction of greater mobilization and integration of political forces.

The National Resistance Council, which was formed shortly after the collapse of the country with the presence of prominent political figures, now with the membership of more than fifteen parties and councils and the colorful presence of influential political figures, is one of the big umbrellas and a political unit that continuously and continuously faces the Taliban. operates

After the collapse on August 15, 2021, Afghanistan has been practically dominated by a group that tore apart the system, replaced modern government structures with primitive traditional structures, and practically put the country in absolute political isolation, along with depriving the people. From their basic and basic rights, they apply gender apartheid against women, torture former security forces and make them martyrs, and in addition, they increase ethnic, linguistic and religious tensions every day and make Afghanistan with the presence of terrorist forces of extremist groups in the world. They have turned into a safe haven for terrorism.

In such a situation, it is the responsibility of all political forces of the country to resort to more alignment against the existing situation, in this regard, the Justice and Freedom Party of Afghanistan, which was recently formed by a group of opposition figures of the Taliban, with a deep understanding of the prevailing situation, In order to deal with the Taliban in a coordinated, harmonious and effective manner, it entered the structure of the National Resistance Council, and with the participation of the head of this party, Professor Sarwar Danesh, in the meeting of the council’s board of directors on 24 August 1402, the membership of this party in the National Resistance Council was officially approved.

While the National Resistance Council considers the presence of the Justice and Freedom Party of Afghanistan, its respected president, leadership and members as an important and valuable step alongside this council, it also invites other political forces opposed to the Taliban to fight against the Taliban’s thinking and liberation. The country should stand in a single line from the authority of the Taliban terrorist group.

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