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شورای امنیت


In the name of God the Judge

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes the content of the analysis and evaluation team report of the United Nations Security Council’s Punishment Committee and considers it a step worthy of reflection in the direction of exposing the brutal Taliban tyranny, absolute exclusivity, autocracy and ethnic apartheid in the country.

From the point of view of this council, the international community and the United Nations Security Council in particular have a responsibility to help the Afghan people to control their political destiny by applying effective pressure and imposing sanctions with the aim of drying up the financial resources of the Taliban.

The report of the analysis and evaluation team of the Security Council has clarified that they are unchangeable and the efforts of certain directions in the international community to deface and whitewash their record will only waste time and inflict more losses on the people of Afghanistan.

This group, in the internal dimension, whose policies are focused on terror, intimidation, physical elimination, exclusivism, tyranny, and ethnic apartheid, and in the external dimension, it is responsible for coordination between regional terrorists, including the Pakistani Taliban terrorist group, Tajikistan’s Jamaat Ansarullah, and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.  Jaish al-Adl and the Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan is in charge and if the world continues to watch the tragedies of this group with indifference, it will not be long before its evils spread to the region and the world, and the security of the countries of the region and the world will face a serious threat.

The Oslo meeting is scheduled to be held on June 13 and 14, 2023, with the aim of evaluating solutions to international crises, including the Afghan crisis, while this council is grateful for the assistance of the European Union, especially Norway, to the people of Afghanistan, its message to the said meeting is that Instead of focusing on the ways of interacting with an illegitimate group that has confiscated the basic rights of the Afghan people and prevented women from studying and working, on the post-Taliban road map and political structure that stems from the will of the Afghan people and interacting with parties and currents. In order to overcome the current legitimacy gap and how to restore the rule of law and democracy in Afghanistan, a vote should be held and the people of Afghanistan should not be allowed to pay more for the atrocities of extremist and militant groups.

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