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امضای قرار داد معدن

In the name of Almighty Allah, the creator of truth and justice

Recently, the Taliban group has signed a contract with some foreign companies to extract a number of mines in the country, which have resorted to such measures before.

Afghanistan’s mines are the national wealth of the country and the property of the people of Afghanistan, and the decisions about it are the competence of legitimate systems and representative of the will of the people, not of a terrorist group that has dominated the fate of our country and people through a conspiracy, and there is no Sharia, legal and They have no law.

In order to gain the satisfaction of the countries of the region and the world and with the aim of looting the public property and national funds, the Taliban group has signed an agreement to extract a number of mines in illegal and unprincipled actions. People, all those appointments will be canceled and prosecuted.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers such actions of the Taliban group, whose control over Afghanistan is illegitimate and oppressive, as illegal decisions and in conflict with the national interests of the Afghan people, and warns the contracting companies that any agreement with a party that is The legitimacy of the legal system is invalid, and with the change in the situation, these contracts will not only have no legal validity, they will also be prosecuted.

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