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In the name of God the Judge

Mrs. Amina Mohammad, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, has said in her latest statement that the Secretary General of the United Nations will raise the issue of ways to recognize the Taliban in her meeting with the special representatives of the countries in two weeks.

Nearly two years ago, the republican system in Afghanistan collapsed and our country was handed over to the Taliban as a result of an internal and external conspiracy following the believable interaction of some countries in the world, after which not only the government was closed, democracy was suppressed, the basic rights of citizens and the right to education And the work of women is denied, which the former security forces have arrested, tortured and martyred, and besides that, women’s complaints are met with repression, and poverty, unemployment and hunger are increasing every day. In addition to that, it has been proven in the last two years that the Taliban are not only unable to form a government and advance modern governance and healthy living in the country and the world, but they have also acted extensively in hosting regional and global terrorist groups.

The Taliban group has acted in violation of the Convention on the Elimination of Any Discrimination Against Women, in violation of Articles 26 and 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Articles 13-15 of the Convention on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights, depriving Afghan women of the right to work and education and imposing gender apartheid. Women have applied.

Despite the documented reports of the special rapporteur of that organization, Mr. Richard Bennett, of the widespread human rights crimes in certain areas of Afghanistan by the Taliban group, based on which principles does the United Nations plan to identify the Taliban’s rule? Can today’s world give a legal basis for identifying a group that violates human rights, is a terrorist, a criminal and a dictator?

These statements of the top official of the United Nations are contrary to the will and wishes of the people of Afghanistan and in order to legitimize the violation of human rights, the violation of women’s fundamental rights, political, ethnic, linguistic and religious cleansing, the suspension of the constitution, field courts and hundreds of other misfortunes that every Day is imposed on our people and country. Faced with such a situation, the people of Afghanistan expect that the United Nations, as a reliable international organization, besides sending humanitarian aid directly to the people in need, will make every effort to save and end the Afghan crisis through political efforts. , not that they are trying to find a way to recognize the group usurping power and oppressing people’s fate.

If it is thought that the Taliban can be controlled with this method, this type of view is fundamentally incorrect, because today’s Taliban, in need of political legitimacy, does not hesitate from any cruel behavior and violation of human rights, demanding the rights of the people and organizing terrorist groups, and  the international community doesn’t give a damn, do you expect it to respect the rights of the people and the demands of the international community with its legal position and monopoly power?

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of  Afghanistan, as a major political organization, while considering the recent statements of the United Nations Deputy Secretary General as unfair, unexpected and contrary to the will and wishes of the Afghan people, states that any attempt to legitimize the Taliban group, The concept of strengthening terrorist groups in insecure countries of the world is that these groups can overthrow legitimate governments and gain power through illegitimate means and the legitimacy of their rule through the United Nations, and this is actually a matter of legitimizing terrorism.

The National Resistance Council asks the Secretary General of the United Nations to consider the interests of the people in dealing with the issues of Afghanistan and refrain from flexibility against an autocratic and terrorist group in order to maintain the security of Afghanistan, the region and the world.

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