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Unfortunately, following the suicide attack and explosion in Herat’s Guzargah mosque during Friday prayers, a number of our dear compatriots were martyred and injured.

Herat, as the cradle of ancient historical culture and civility, the land of epics and honors, with the sacrifice of countless martyrs, once again mourned the occurrence of this bloody event and the dear families of Herat were kneeling in grief.

Yesterday’s suicide attack aimed at eliminating one of the supporters of the Taliban proved that this group includes insiders and non-insiders, and the concoction of terrorism, fundamentalism and fascism will not show mercy even to the methods of purification and promotion of the Taliban’s thinking, and the terrorism that believes in ethnic exclusivity even promotes those who are more fervent than any Taliban for the self-proclaimed Taliban emirate and orders the beheading of Taliban opponents, deems them deserving of death and removes them.

Targeted suicide attacks, taking pride in suicide bombings and allocating financial resources to strengthen these bombings as effective arms of revenge and terrorism show that the Taliban has not distanced itself from terrorist approaches, that contrary to the optimism of certain parties in the international community, the terrorist nature of this group has been strengthened and fattened. The Taliban’s sheltering of international and regional terrorist groups, practical support for terror attacks, genocide, rape of women, and torture of innocent people are all examples that show that the Taliban have not only not distanced themselves from their terrorist nature, but that they seek to deface terrorism and their suicide operations by institutionalizing the culture of suicide in the country through the creation of suicide pits.

It is obvious that the difference between the rule of law and democracy and Talibanism is that in the democratic systems of Maulana Ansari, even if they declare jihad against the system, they are tolerated, and the government is obliged to ensure the security of critics and even assassins.

The National Council of Resistance to Save Afghanistan strongly condemns the terrorist attack on the Guzargah Grand Mosque in Herat province and the occurrence of other terrorist events, cruelty, torture, rape, injustice and especially the targeted assassinations of moderate religious scholars, former government employees, political, cultural and influential figures of the society, and emphasizes that the increasing organized promotion of extremist, hateful and terrorist thinking in Afghanistan requires the honest and truthful scholars of the country to take into consideration He had his religious and historical responsibility against this ugly phenomenon, which according to objective experiences has not and will not show mercy even to its promoters and supporters. The National Resistance Council while expressing its sympathy with the survivors of the innocent and oppressed victims of the tragic event of Herat’s Guzargah Mosque, considers itself a partner in the grief of the families of Herat who have lost their loved ones, and asks the great God to make the souls of the martyrs happy, to place them in heaven, and to grant patience to the bereaved families.

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