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نشست تنش آمیز سازمان ملل

Unfortunately, in the recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, we once again witnessed the open interference and shameless statements of the representative of one of the neighbors in the affairs of Afghanistan. In this meeting, the representative of the government of Pakistan demanded that Afghanistan’s seat in the United Nations be surrendered to a group whose hands are stained with the blood of tens of thousands of our compatriots and has no national or international legitimacy. Fortunately, in this meeting, Mr. Nasir Ahmad Faiq, the head of Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, has reacted against him with complete courage and reasoned and defended the dignity and independence of the country on behalf of the people of Afghanistan.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan strongly supports the position of Mr. Faiq and other diplomats who have stood in defense of the legitimacy of Afghanistan and declares that other countries do not have the right to interfere in the affairs of Afghanistan and any lobbying by other countries is in favor of the group. The Taliban is condemned and an explicit intervention in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

We once again ask the United Nations as well as the international community to help the people of Afghanistan to establish a legitimate system committed to global values and the United Nations Charter, and to prevent the open interference of other countries in the affairs of our country.

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