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تنش بین ایران و پاکستان -

In the name of Almighty Allah the Judge and creator of Justice

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan has been severely affected by the tensions between the two brotherly and neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan.

We believe that the escalation of tensions and the use of military force is not in the interest of any of the parties, but it endangers the security and stability of the region, and the people of Afghanistan have tasted the bitter taste of insecurity and instability more than any other country, and understands this situation better than everyone.

The National Resistance Council asks the leaders of both neighboring countries to deal with the issue with restraint, foresight, sense of brotherhood, considering religious, cultural and social commonalities.

This council hopes that the conflict will be resolved through dialogue and mutual cooperation before the people of both countries are threatened and at the same time the security and stability of the region is threatened, while both Iran and Pakistan are under the threat of terrorism after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and instead of tension with each other, they should resort to joint measures in the fight against terrorism.

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