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پذیرش اعتماد نامه سفیر طالبان برای چین

Yesterday, the President of China accepted the letter of credence of Bilal Karimi, the representative and the so-called ambassador of the Taliban group for that country, and with this action, he questioned all international laws, diplomatic customs and legitimate international relations.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while considering this action as a non-diplomatic approach, optimistic interaction and negation of the principles of lawful governance, expresses its concern about any consequences of this action for the future of Afghanistan and the relations between the two countries.

The Republic of China in Afghanistan’s neighborhood has resorted to this unconventional diplomatic action while the fate of Afghanistan and its people depends on the oppressive rule of an autocratic, criminal and terrorist-supporting group. The illegitimate domination that currently supports and hosts twenty-two terrorist groups in Afghanistan has no legal basis whatsoever, and any cooperation, especially the acceptance of their representatives at the level of diplomatic interaction, is unusual, against the principles, and at the same time helps a It is a terrorist group and emboldened to promote and export terrorism, whose damage is not limited to Afghanistan.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers this action of China against the will, demands and interests of the Afghanistan’s people, and requests the countries of the world and the United Nations to not to accept representatives of the Taliban group at different levels in the absence of a legitimate system and governance in Afghanistan. In particular, they should refrain from diplomatic affairs until the formation of a legitimate government that is formed through the law, and instead of such optimistic interactions, they should help the process of forming a legitimate government through a comprehensive national process that will lead to the change of the current situation and the return of democracy.

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