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سیاسی سازی مهاجرین

In the name of Almighty Allah, the Judge and the creator of justice
Recently, the government of Pakistan has deported thousands of Afghan citizens who were refugees in Pakistan and sent them to Afghanistan in an unprecedented action and against the international conventions on the rights of refugees.
The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan stands on its previous position regarding the Afghanistan’s refugee, considering this decision of the Pakistan government against good neighborly relations and against the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Rights of Refugees.
In the course of more than fourteen decades of presence of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran, this kind of mass expulsion of refugees by Pakistan is unprecedented.
The government of Pakistan considers the main reason for the deportation of refugees to be the Taliban using the presence of refugees in Pakistan to train and strengthen the terrorist group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. had and are currently hosting more than twenty-two global terrorist groups. On the other hand, the movement of returned migrants in certain areas is the politicization of this process, which disrupts the solidarity of the Afghan people today and in the future. Let’s take the assumption that this political transfer will take place and continue for some time in the existence of the Taliban. Tomorrow, with the change in the situation in Afghanistan, will these people have a chance to live in these areas? It is clear that this process provides more grounds for disunity, dispersion and separation of our people.
If the returned migrants are Afghan citizens, their previous residence certainly shows that they belong to a part of our geography in the village, city, and province, and they should be resettled in their original areas. If there is no plan, how will the Taliban relocate the returned migrants in certain provinces in the north of Afghanistan and certain areas of those provinces. It is clear that this work is done with the aim of disrupting the demography and social fabric of certain areas, and it is a destructive program that will not spare anyone, including the Taliban.
The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan requests the United Nations and the countries of the world to monitor the return of migrants and their resettlement through a comprehensive, impartial international program and not to allow the politicization and hypocritical and undesirable plans of the Taliban to destroy the living conditions. Otherwise, the spirit of cooperation and regional security will face more danger.

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