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موقف شورای مقاومت ملی در مورد قطعنامه 2721

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes and appreciates the issuing of Resolution 2721 dated December 29, 2023 from the United Nations which was approved based on the proposal of the senior coordinator of that organization for Afghanistan affairs and has placed Afghanistan in the focus of the international community’s attention.

Afghanistan is living in a deep humanitarian, human rights, economic and political crisis. The lack of political legitimacy, shutdown of government, spread of poverty, deprivation of freedom, unemployment and hunger, which has led to a deep human tragedy, the complete removal of women from society, imprisonment, repression, targeted killings of civil forces, including women fighters and civil activists, creating The suffocating atmosphere for the media, journalists and civil society, supporting and strengthening terrorist groups, and most importantly, strengthening extremism and turning Afghanistan into a safe haven for international terrorists and a potential threat to regional and global security, which has led to the isolation of Afghanistan from the international community. It is one of the most important issues that is going on under the illegitimate control of the Taliban that the National Resistance Council has continuously expressed its concern in each of the mentioned cases and has warned of its consequences.

With appreciation for the efforts of the United Nations, from the preparation of documented reports on human rights violations by the senior reporter of that organization, Mr. Richard Bennett, and from the efforts, consultations and preparation of reports and the presentation of useful proposals based on the objective reality of Afghanistan by the senior coordinator of that organization in Afghanistan affairs, the positions of the National Resistance Council regarding the recent resolution of the United Nations Security Council are announced as follows:

First: The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, in order to reach the basic goals stated in this letter, praises the diligent efforts of Mr. Fereydon Seniroglu, the determination of the international community to bring about change in the situation of Afghanistan, and the determination of the timetable for the implementation of this resolution and  hopes that its consequences will also focus on the interests of the people of Afghanistan, the formation of a comprehensive legal system and arising from the will of the people, and the provision of a just peace, the realization of justice and permanent stability;

Second: The appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan is one of the things to consider in this resolution, which the National Resistance Council had demanded in its political plan, and based on the belief that the solution to the Afghan crisis requires a comprehensive political mechanism with the management and facilitation of the United Nations. On the other hand, it is the same-mindedness and active participation of all parties involved in the Afghanistan issue, it requests that organization to be more careful in appointing a special representative for Afghanistan, so that the person who is chosen is familiar with Afghanistan, its situation, the current crisis with the roots of the crisis and the factors affecting the situation and follow the cases with complete neutrality;

Third: The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers it important to achieve the basic goals of this resolution, more and more effective coordination and mutual cooperation among the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council;

Fourth: Afghanistan’s isolation from the international community has shown a harsh face of our land to the world, which is caused by the inhumane behavior and against the standards of human rights of the dominant group. Therefore, it is possible for Afghanistan to join the world community in the existence of an inclusive government arising from the will of the Afghan people within the framework of the law;

Fifth: human rights, especially the rights of girls and their deprivation of education and work and finally their complete removal from the society and practices of gender apartheid, imprisoning, suppressing and killing former security forces, civil activists, scholars and removing followers of the Shia and Ismaili religions are atrocities that the Taliban group has undertaken against all standards of human rights. Ending the mentioned cases, as mentioned in the plan to save the country from the crisis as the road map of this council, requires a change in the current situation, which is fortunately addressed in the United Nations resolution;

Sixth: The humanitarian crisis prevailing in Afghanistan requires urgent attention from the international community, and the National Resistance Council, while welcoming the assistance to those in need of aid, requests that the areas of need and desire for these aids be taken by the Taliban through independent management methods.

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