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روز پناهندگی

In the name of the great Allah

Today coincides with the World Refugee Day, which the United Nations has chosen as the slogan (Hope Far From Home) for 2023, and meanwhile, the people of Afghanistan are at the top of the list of refugees in the world.

While the National Council of Resistance to Save Afghanistan is strongly affected by the increase in the number of refugees from Afghanistan, it considers the main factor to be the prevailing situation in Afghanistan.

At the same time as Afghanistan was handed over to the Taliban group, the people of Afghanistan resorted to any means to leave their homeland. The bitter memories of reaching the airport, being thrown from the plane and the deadly explosion and death of a number of those who were counting the minutes to reach the evacuation process in and around the Kabul airport, were the result of the terror caused by the Taliban’s domination, which is still ongoing. .

After the collapse of the country, poverty, unemployment, and hunger are increasing dramatically, along with the lack of security, peace, and immunity of life, and at the same time, un-Islamic, inhumane behaviors and extensive violations of human rights, the torture of civilians in some areas. Especially, the torture and martyrdom of former security forces, repression of civil activists, political, ethnic and religious elimination, ethnic tensions and geographical change in the north and northeast regions of the country, which is a clear example of ethnic apartheid, have caused the people to die despite accepting deadly risks. Illegal immigration resort to drowning in the waters of Greece and Italy.

The National Resistance Council believes that Afghanistan has become a safe haven for regional and global terrorists, which not only increases the wave of illegal immigration from Afghanistan, which is caused by the movement of terrorists in the northern and northeastern borders of the country, which causes the export of terrorism. The series of migration from those countries also adds to the number of refugees in the world.

The National Resistance Council acknowledges that in order to prevent the increase of illegal immigration from our country, which is caused by the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, the change of the situation and the political solution that this council has already presented a comprehensive plan should be addressed.

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