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اخراج پناهجویان افغانستان از ترکیه

In the name of Almighty Allah

Recently, the friendly and brotherly country of the Republic of Turkey has started gathering and deporting refugees without permission, among these refugees are a number of Afghan citizens.

As everyone knows, Afghan refugees have sought refuge in other countries, including Turkey, due to the pathetic situation prevailing in the country and freedom from oppression, torture and targeted killings by the Taliban. With the handover of the country to the Taliban group, the wave of migration from Afghanistan once again increased unprecedentedly, and along with it, with the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan, unemployment and poverty increased, and former security forces and employees of government institutions and civil activists and women were also under serious threat.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while fully respecting the decisions and actions of governments and countries regarding their affairs, expects the Turkish government, as a friend of Afghanistan for more than a hundred years, to continue its cooperation with the Afghan people in these difficult days. Regarding the deportation of Afghan citizen asylum seekers, whose return carries the risks of torture, threats, intimidation, imprisonment and death, they have shown flexibility and tolerance, and once again strengthened the friendship between the two countries and two brotherly nations.

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