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وزیرستان سازی شمال

In the name of God the Judge

Recently, the Taliban group has announced that they will move those Pakistani immigrants living in the Durand border to the northern provinces of the country.

This action, which is undoubtedly a strategic deal between the Taliban and Pakistan, is aimed at moving the forces of the TTP or the Pakistani Taliban movement under the name of immigrants, which is actually turning the north of Afghanistan into a safe haven for terrorists, and on the other hand, changing the demographics of the north of the country, which in both cases is Afghanistan. With the deep dangers of internal and external crisis to the point of dissociating and subverting it into terrorist safe activities.

Previously, relocations had taken place in the north of Afghanistan to fulfill sinister goals, change demographics and usurp the property and houses of native people, which had no other result than increasing tension, continuing violence and bloodshed. The Taliban should know that the people of the north and northeast of the country are not the tools of their violent policy and the implementation of their sinister plans that political and oppressive games will be played with their lives, security, and the right to own their homes and houses. These moves will be answered and the consequences will be disastrous.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan has warned many times about the danger of spreading terrorism and extremism from Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban, but today this danger is getting deeper with each passing day and Afghanistan has become a place for exporting international terrorism. The destructive and destructive anti-national unity of the Taliban group is increasing every day that the movement of the forces of the Pakistani Taliban movement in the north, along with the factors of terrorism, brings the approach of disintegration of national interests and geographical change.

The National Resistance Council once again warns of the unfortunate consequences of this action of the Taliban group and considers it a safe platform for terrorizing and exporting terrorism from Afghanistan to the region, Central Asian countries and the world. If serious attention is not given to prevent this danger, the scope of the Taliban’s proxy war beyond the territory of Afghanistan, along with the strengthening of the regional terrorist forces, will reach the countries of Central Asia and beyond.

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