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دیدار طالبان و امریکا

In the name of Almighty Allah

According to the recent statement of the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talks will be held between the representative of this country and representatives of the Taliban group in Qatar in the coming days. Although the declaration emphasizes the non-recognition of the Taliban group, the goals of these talks are in an aura of ambiguity, and unfortunately, it must be admitted that such one-sided and incomplete talks make the Taliban group more determined in its anti-human positions.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan supports any kind of dialogue and negotiation in order to solve the Afghan crisis, but it believes that these dialogues should be comprehensive and with the presence of all parties involved in the Afghan issue.

We also believe that the interaction with the Taliban has not had any positive results and will not have any positive results and lobbying and groundwork should not be done under the pretext of interacting with this group to recognize their illegitimate domination.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes the enlightening letter of Mr. Michael McCall, the head of foreign relations of the United States House of Representatives, who called the dialogue with the Taliban dangerous and undermines the legitimacy of this group, and once again emphasizes that any dialogue or interaction with the Taliban For whatever reason and purpose, it makes this group bolder in its anti-human and anti-human positions and will never cause positive changes in their approach and the situation in Afghanistan.

Now the government of the United States of America is faced with two options: respecting human rights, women’s rights, democracy and the legitimate demands of the Afghan people or interacting with terrorism and its unfortunate consequences.

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