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In the name of Almighty Allah

According to the announcement of the United Nations, a meeting headed by Mr. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and with the participation of representatives of a number of countries, is scheduled to be held in Qatar on Monday, May 1, regarding the dire situation in Afghanistan and the search for ways out of it.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes any effort to end the crisis and save the Afghan people from the current violent situation, but firmly states that the way to end the crisis in our country is to recognize the Taliban and reduce the overall crisis in Afghanistan to one or two. It is not a selective case or indirect aid that will perpetuate the current situation and crisis in Afghanistan, but a fundamental solution to save the people of Afghanistan and ensure the security of the citizens of the world, to make a fundamental change through the initiation of peace talks with the facilitation and supervision of the United Nations. It is the formation of a comprehensive transition mechanism and the return of sovereignty to the Afghan people through national elections.

The depth of Afghanistan’s crisis in the reports presented by Mr. Richard Bennett, the special rapporteur of that organization, on widespread violations of human rights, violations of women’s rights and oppression, shooting of prisoners of war, torture and martyrdom of former security forces and political and ideological opponents of the Taliban, ethnic elimination, Linguistically and religiously, it has been well reflected, which is a concrete example of the approach of Taliban rule.

The widespread reaction of the Afghan people regarding the statements of Mrs. Amina Mohammad, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations regarding the ways to recognize the Taliban group and the lawsuits of the Afghan people in the past twenty months, especially the bold lawsuits of women inside and outside the country, show the depth of people’s hatred towards It showed the durability and legitimacy of the Taliban.

In addition, the continuation of lawsuits inside and outside the country, especially in Europe and America, shows that other Afghan people are fed up with the current situation and are looking for a fundamental change.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while welcoming and appreciating the UN Declaration 2681 in which the important issues of Afghanistan are addressed, requests the leadership of the UN and the representatives of the countries invited to the Qatar meeting that the UN, by choosing a plan A new and acceptable way for different parts of Afghanistan, putting aside the Doha Agreement, which is considered an undesirable way to solve the political problem and the document of Afghanistan’s handover to the Taliban and the main cause of the dominant situation in our country, by appointing a competent delegation, the process Initiate and manage Afghanistan peace negotiations, play the key role of that organization as a reliable global institution in accordance with its essential approach, and in this way, while supporting the demands of the people of our country, prevent the export of terrorism and threats to global security from Afghanistan.

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