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In the name of God, the Judge and the Mighty

Three years ago, an agreement called “Agreement to Bring Peace to Afghanistan” was signed between the representative of the United States of America and the representative of the Taliban group in Doha, Qatar.

Due to ignoring the will and legitimate demands of the Afghan people, the Doha Agreement paved the way for the dominance of a militant, extremist and totalitarian domineering group and plunged Afghanistan into a vicious circle of conflict, the spread of poverty and unemployment, instability, violence and the prolongation of war. .

Also, this agreement provided the basis for the collapse of order in its various dimensions in the country, where the progress made in the past twenty years in the fields of development, governance based on democracy, civil society, freedom of the media, the fundamental rights of citizens, especially the rights of women, are on the verge of complete destruction. Placed next to the intensification of ethnic, linguistic and religious tensions, mental and physical torture of citizens, targeted killings of former security forces, the country has increasingly turned into a bed for the growth of terrorism, extremism and the creation of an atmosphere of suffocation and repression.


The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan believes that the Doha Agreement was a failed initiative that even both signatories have not followed and not only has not helped to establish peace, which has led to a crisis in the 40-year-old conflict in Afghanistan with the strengthening of extremism and terrorism. It is new.

Emphasizing the annulment of the Doha Agreement, the National Resistance Council reminds that the people of Afghanistan expect the international community, including the United States of America, to support them in their struggle and justice-seeking efforts in order to achieve sustainable peace, the right to self-determination, fundamental and human rights, and victory. To fight extremism and the risk of spreading terrorism, as a common global threat, and finally to establish a legitimate political system based on citizens’ votes, to witness a common peaceful future for the region and the world in addition to Afghanistan.

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