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The heads and special representatives of the United States of America, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Great Britain during a special meeting in Washington DC discussed the situation in Afghanistan and confirmed the numerous cases of human rights violations, preventing girls and women from education and work and they expressed concern about its continuation.

In the final declaration of this meeting, while confirming the report prepared by the UN special rapporteur, the clear violation of human rights, the rights of ethnic groups, the prevention of girls and women from education, political activity, and the public, economic and social atmosphere are also clear violations of rights.

In this announcement, it has been demanded to immediately remove the ban on girls’ education by the Taliban, and it has been stated that in the previous years, girls widely benefited from modern education and curriculum.

In the sixth paragraph of this declaration, the sustainability of peace and stability in Afghanistan requires a credible and comprehensive national dialogue that will lead to the formation of a political system in the light of the constitution with the presence of women and men, and thereby end the war.

Also, the need to expand humanitarian aid in the upcoming winter has been emphasized and it has been said that methods should be used so that the vulnerable groups receive aid directly, and in the meantime, women and families headed by women are given aids should be paid special attention

In this declaration, the Taliban are asked to act according to Doha’s commitment and to provide the ground for interaction to form an inclusive government with the presence of all ethnic groups.

While the National Council of Resistance considers the declaration of the leaders of the aforementioned countries as a step towards suing for the lost rights of the Afghan people and reflecting the crimes of the Taliban group, it clearly emphasizes that any effort to reopen the banking and monetary system in the presence of the infamous Taliban administration will not only help the Afghan people. But it will strengthen the illegitimate rule of the Taliban and provide indirect support to terrorism. In addition, the council emphasizes once again that any interaction and flexibility with the Taliban terrorist group will cause them to disobey the demands of the Afghan people and the expectations of the international community, and as a result, the disaster in this country will continue.

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