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Badkhshan People

The Taliban forces took advantage of the Friday prayer gathering, where men were present in the mosque, to enter the homes in the Darayim district of Badakhshan Province under the pretext of destroying poppy fields, causing harassment and distress to the people. This aggressive action by the Taliban sparked public outrage, leading to protests in defense of their rights. The Taliban responded to this public outcry and protest by opening fire, resulting in the martyrdom and injury of several protestors.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan strongly condemns the suppression of the people of Badakhshan by the Taliban, considering it an invasion of privacy, an assault on homes, and a perpetration of oppression, injustice, and crime.

The people of Badakhshan have played a sincere and courageous role in the freedom struggles alongside other countrymen, defending their rights and homes, which is a legitimate defense based on religious and human principles. The humiliation and killing of people by the Taliban will not only fail to achieve their oppressive goals but will also strengthen the people’s resolve to end their tyranny and misery.

The uprising of the people of Badakhshan against the despotism and violence of the Taliban, a spontaneous popular movement, will undoubtedly not be limited to one province and will soon evolve into widespread rebellions across the country as the public conscience is further aggrieved.

The behavior of the Taliban, especially in the recent incident in Badakhshan, demonstrates that this ruthless suppression is not due to poppy cultivation but is politically motivated, as the Taliban themselves promote poppy cultivation in many parts of the country and their economy has historically been based on it. This duplicitous policy is politically motivated.

The message of the National Resistance Council to the Taliban is that they should no longer test the patience of the people with their hostility, injustice, and oppression. They should understand the voice of public protest, comply with the public will, or their insistence on suppression, slaughter, humiliation, and the usurpation of public will will ultimately undermine their foundation.

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