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3th Doha Meeting

The third United Nations meeting in Doha to discuss the situation in Afghanistan takes place today. The organization of this meeting without the presence of political streams, civil society, women representatives, and influential Afghan figures suggests that it will not achieve successful outcomes.
While the Supreme National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan appreciates the efforts of the United Nations that prioritize the interests of the Afghan people, it considers the third meeting of this organization to be fundamentally flawed in terms of content and outcome, contrary to all expectations. The structure of the meeting is seen as contrary to the principles of the United Nations, denying women and contributing to extremism and the perpetuation of the crisis.
Preventing war, addressing human rights issues, and striving for gender equality and women’s empowerment are among the main reasons for the establishment and goals of the United Nations. However, the organization has recently been trying to assist the situation in Afghanistan through engagement with the Taliban, a misogynistic group that violates human rights and engages in terrorist activities. The United Nations claims it is striving to make the Doha meeting agenda acceptable to all, yet no streams, civil society representatives, or Afghan women’s representatives will be present. How then can the agenda of this meeting be universally accepted, and how can this process successfully bring peace and stability to the people of Afghanistan?
The Supreme National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, as the country’s largest political umbrella, views the holding of the third Doha meeting with its declared content as disregarding the fundamental rights of the Afghan people, particularly women and civil society. It is seen as an insult to political streams, a turning away from the demands of the Afghan people, and aiding in the violation of human rights and misogyny by providing the Taliban an opportunity to participate. With this approach, the Council is not only unprepared for any cooperation with the United Nations but also views the current approach as a failure and a political disaster.

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