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Fortunately, as expected, the realities of Afghanistan and the detrimental consequences of the illegitimate and usurping rule of the Taliban group were once again reflected at the Shanghai Summit. Despite some members’ unilateral and harmful engagement with the Taliban, the organization emphasized the formation of an inclusive, legitimate government based on the will of the Afghan people.
The Supreme National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes and supports the Shanghai Summit’s decision based on the presence of all ethnicities, groups, and sectors of the Afghan people in the process of establishing an inclusive government aimed at creating sustainable and lasting peace in Afghanistan. It is evident that the only way to end the crisis in Afghanistan is to adhere to the public will and accept the legitimate demands of the Afghan people through law and the establishment of a system derived from the people’s will.
The illegitimate and usurping rule of the Taliban over the past nearly three years has shown that the current process, in addition to imposing clear oppression on all the people of Afghanistan, has destroyed all infrastructures of governance, legal, administrative, and economic systems of the country, and has led to the resurgence of terrorism and extremism in the region. Today, terrorism, which has found a safe haven in Afghanistan, is not only a threat to the future of Afghanistan but also a real threat to the entire region and the world. It is very pleasing that the Shanghai member countries have recognized and felt this danger.
The Supreme National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan also emphasizes that all international processes concerning Afghanistan should be centered on the presence of all different sectors and the main demands of the Afghan people, and any unilateral and incomplete approach will only prolong the crisis in Afghanistan and increase the suffering of its people. The third Doha meeting, hosted by the United Nations, was a clear example of overlooking and eliminating the people of Afghanistan, especially women and their legitimate demands, and was a significant historical failure for this international body.
We hope that the countries of the region and the world will listen to the voice of the Afghan people and avoid one-sided and illegal engagement with the Taliban group under the pretext of the existing reality in Afghanistan.

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