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In the name of God, knowledge and pen

Acquiring knowledge is the right of all citizens, regardless of gender, based on the rules and principles of the religion of Islam and according to citizenship rights, legal and legal foundations and the requirements of today’s world.

The new order of the Taliban to announce the banning of girls from higher education and closing the gates of universities and educational centers to the girls of our painful land is a sign of a disastrous regression and a return to the primitive era, which denied all the rights of girls.

In an age when the world without gender boundaries relies on the knowledge of individuals, towards the splendor and cracking of the roof of the sky to pour a new plan, our wretched society has been dominated by a group that, in addition to fighting against women as half of the body of human society, They are preventing girls from education and now from getting higher education and they are bringing shame and insolence to our proud land.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan strongly condemns this action of the Taliban against women and knowledge, it is a source of shame, a return to the primitive age and the revival of the culture of burying the girls alive, and requests the international community and the United Nations to, along with the situation More sanctions and punishments for this group, in order to exert more pressure, all the countries whose embassies are active in Kabul should be closed, and pressure should also be put on the countries supporting the Taliban to refrain from funding this group and sending weekly financial packages.

The National Resistance Council, as a big political umbrella, asks its supporters and the dear people of Afghanistan, especially the professors of universities and scientific centers and students, to launch an educational strike in opposition to this action of the Taliban in order to be more aligned in rejecting the unreasonable orders and Against the religious and human values of the ruling group, it should be provided and the understanding should be provided that no movement has the right to ban education for anyone, especially the girls of our land.

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