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نشست شورای امنیت دسمبر 2023

The meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Afghanistan was held on Wednesday, 29 October and the international community once again unanimously  recognized the existence of security threats from Afghanistan due to the presence of terrorist groups in the territory under the repressive rule of the Taliban, extensive human rights violations, especially the elimination of  Afghanistan’s women  concern over arbitrary arrests, torture and killing of civil activists as well as security forces of the previous government, humanitarian crisis and widespread poverty in Afghanistan.

In addition, a number of participants once again emphasized the interaction with the Taliban group, without providing a clear and transparent mechanism in this regard.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes and appreciates the special attention of the United Nations towards Afghanistan and the continuous efforts of this organization and states that this council believed from the beginning that the international community, centered on the United Nations, would save the Afghan people from the crisis.   It is now clear to everyone that the Taliban, does not believe in any of the values ​​contained in the United Nations Charter and other international laws and only thinks about the continuation of its illegitimate rule.  Recent events in the region and terrorist attacks in some neighboring countries are the result of trusting a group that is terrorist in nature.

Therefore, we once again ask the countries of the region and the world, especially the United Nations, to take more serious steps to free the people of Afghanistan from the current situation.

From our point of view, the only way to save the people of Afghanistan is to force the Taliban to comply with the demands of the people’s rights and human values ​​and international conventions, to form an inclusive, legal government based on the will of the people, to eliminate all forms of discrimination and oppression in the current illegal domination against women, ethnic groups and religious groups and civil and media activists.

As stated in the United Nations reports, millions of people in Afghanistan are in urgent need of humanitarian and food support.  This need is felt especially now that it is winter and more than ever.

Unfortunately, the Taliban group has neither the ability nor the will to meet this need.  Therefore, we ask the United Nations and its affiliated organizations that are working to help the people of Afghanistan, while increasing humanitarian aid, to take mechanisms so that the members of the Taliban group cannot use this aid as in the past for the benefit of this group and its anti-human policies.

The National Resistance Council requests the United Nations to start and manage the process of political solution to the Afghanistan’s crisis as soon as possible to prevent the spread of extremism and save Afghanistan.

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