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اعلامیه شورای مقاومت ملی در مورد گزارش سینیرلی اوغلو

On the 25th of April 2023, upon the request of the Security Council, the UN appointed Mr. Fraidon Siniroglu as the special coordinator of that organization in Afghanistan. Political personalities and the Taliban group met and presented their report to the UN Secretary General, which is to be evaluated and discussed in the meeting of the Security Council of that organization.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while appreciating Mr. Anthony Guterres, Secretary General, as well as Mr. Fraidon Siniroglu, the Special Coordinator of the United Nations for Afghanistan Affairs, who prepared this report with his colleagues, expressed their positions regarding the report and road map of that organization as follows:

In the United Nations roadmap, which was prepared based on the findings of the coordinating report of that organization on Afghanistan affairs, there are positive points that the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes. The emphasis of the United Nations on securing human rights, especially women’s rights, and the necessity of complying with the provisions of all international conventions to which Afghanistan has joined, is one of the most important positive points of this road map and a part of the demands for the rights of the people of Afghanistan. Also, the emphasis on the inclusive dialogue between the internal parties and the establishment of a government based on the constitution are other positive points of the new United Nations road map and approved by the people of Afghanistan. Pointing to the danger of the growth of terrorism and the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan under the repressive control of the Taliban is a fundamental point that, fortunately, has been properly addressed in the new road map.

In addition to the above and while the change in the world community’s attitude toward the interaction behavior with the Taliban group, there are other positive points in the road map, which, unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that the Taliban does not accept any of the above and other positive views of the United Nations. They continue to practice monopoly, tyranny, gender apartheid, hypocrisy, oppression and violation of the fundamental rights of Afghan citizens.

In the new roadmap of the United Nations, there are also harmful and worrying points for the people of Afghanistan, which we hope will be taken into consideration by the United Nations officials and international partners. The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan is deeply concerned about these things that will seriously harm the future of Afghanistan.

In Mr. Siniroglu’s report, it is said that the Taliban have established security in Afghanistan after their domination and the war and killing graph has decreased. In addition to the fact that a definition of security in its legal sense has not been provided, the basic question is that before the oppressive rule of the Taliban, who disturbed the security of Afghanistan and the peace of our people and imposed war and killing on the people of Afghanistan? Undoubtedly, those mass killings were carried out by the Taliban, and now that they have taken over the power, they have changed the method of killing, to targeted murders and assassinations of former military and security forces, assassination of officials of the previous government, explosions in Shia mosques and targeting followers. Certain religions and ethnic groups resort to it. These are examples of insecurity in the territory under the oppressive control of the Taliban. In addition to that, the serious question is that if the security claimed by the Taliban is provided, how does the amount of Afghan people’s migration from their country increase every day?

We believe that the current situation, which is called security, is an event that has been ruled by the intimidation and bayonet of the Taliban, and the people’s anger and hatred towards this group is like a fire under the ashes. On the other hand, the people of Afghanistan, especially certain sections of the people, are either martyred, or imprisoned and tortured, or run away from the country every day under the forced control of the Taliban. Therefore, if the Taliban group is not forced to demand the people’s rights and respect the people’s citizenship rights, we will soon witness the flare-up of the women-burning war and the anger of the people.

In the road map, is also emphasized the necessity of positive interaction of the world with the Taliban group as the de facto government. They expressed concern about it. It is not expected that the United Nations will emphasize interaction with a group that supports and hosts the world’s terrorist criminal groups, and every day, in addition to widespread violations of human rights and suppression of people, they apply gender apartheid and take people hostage like prisoners.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan is also worried about this position of the United Nations, and according to the previous statements of some officials of this organization and also according to its future decisive meeting, which is based on the discussion of the recognition of the Taliban group under the pretext of the existing reality, it is on its agenda. This position of the United Nations will cause more stubbornness and false pride of the Taliban. Therefore, we want the international community and the United Nations to understand the following as the realities of today’s Afghanistan, instead of the usurpation of the Taliban terrorist group, and to try to solve these problems: widespread and frequent violations of human rights, non-compliance by the group The Taliban do not care about any of the human values, turning Afghanistan into a big prison for people, especially for women, closing universities and schools to women and girls, banning women from working in all government and non-government sectors, and completely removing them from social life. and humanity, the continuation of the martyrdom of the security forces and employees of the previous regime, the continuation of the genocide of certain ethnic groups in the country, the forced migration of certain ethnic groups in the north and central regions of Afghanistan, illegal displacements and pressure on different ethnic groups in Afghanistan, torture and imprisonment of civil and human rights activists. , massive violation of freedom of speech, suspension of all Afghan laws, including the constitution, clear opposition to all human values and provisions of the United Nations Charter, and dozens of other cases.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while welcoming the positive aspects of the new report and road map and the active involvement of the United Nations in Afghanistan and declaring readiness for any cooperation in the field of permanent solution to the crisis in our country, requests the United Nations:

  1. The report prepared by the special coordinator of that organization for Afghanistan has shortcomings that before putting it as a basis in the road map of that organization and presenting it to the Security Council for a decision, its weak points should be identified through contact with political currents including the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, which is the largest all-encompassing political umbrella, to identify and reform influential figures and the civil society of Afghanistan.
  2. It is expected that the United Nations has changed its perspective from bilateral interaction between the international community and the Taliban regime to tripartite interaction between (the international community, the people of Afghanistan and the Taliban group), as in the road map for Afghanistan, the process of political dialogue According to the schedule, all influential political parties and the people of Afghanistan should be included in this dialogue, the results of which will lead to a permanent solution to the problem of Afghanistan through the formation of a law-based government based on the will of the Afghan people.

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