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اعلامیۀ شورای مقاومت ملی برای نجات افغانستان پیرامون گزارش اخیر آقای ریچارت بنت

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan is grateful for the efforts and trustworthiness of Mr. Richard Bennett, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, in the preparation of a detailed report on the tragic situation of human rights in Afghanistan.

Mr. Richard Bennett presented his periodic report on Afghanistan at the 55th General Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Mr. Bennett’s report, which he himself said at the beginning of his mission: “Is committed to strengthening the voice of women, men and children of Afghanistan”, reflects the bitter reality of widespread human rights violations in Afghanistan, including violations of fundamental rights, political, social, economic and cultural rights, especially the rights of women, children, tribes and religions. The Taliban group has fearlessly continued to violate the human rights of citizens, arrest, torture and arbitrary executions, silence the voices of women and girls, censor the mass media and take revenge on the government officials of the republican system and human rights defenders. The Taliban group stifles the voice of opposition against them, contrary to international laws and Afghanistan’s commitments to international covenants. As Amnesty International has also emphasized, the people of Afghanistan are caught between the abuses of the Taliban and a humanitarian disaster, and this situation has seriously damaged the spirit of the entire population of the country.

Mr. Bennett’s report has been carefully prepared from credible and reliable sources, and he has provided a detailed analysis throughout the report, which contains concerns about the increase in suicide among women and girls, which unfortunately has become a common thing in Afghanistan. At the same time, there are still darker corners of this group’s human rights crimes, which are difficult to access due to the severity of the suffocating atmosphere, and it is only our people who suffer.

According to the data, the Taliban, with their actions, have destroyed the progress made towards gender equality in the last two decades. The dreams and hopes of a generation of Afghan people who want education have been crushed. The report of the United Nations Special Representative for Human Rights shows that twenty-five million people out of the total number of Afghan citizens need humanitarian aid, which is a disaster in itself. On the other hand, preventing the presence of the United Nations Special Representative for Human Rights in Afghanistan also shows the large sand in the shoe of this extreme vampire group.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while appreciating the good and worthy actions of the special rapporteur on human rights, emphasizes that based on the reports presented by the representatives of the United Nations and reliable international sources, the Taliban is not a reformable group that can interact with the international mechanism and requirements and the social contexts of Afghanistan, and the way out of this situation is to cancel the failed Doha project and at the same time, change the existing situation by starting a new comprehensive process respecting all the national, religious and civil components of Afghanistan with the facilitation and management of the United Nations, which leads to the formation of an inclusive democratic government based on law and arising from the will of the people. Otherwise, the continuation of this situation will not only increase the amount of human rights violations, which will lead to the strengthening of extremism and terrorism and increase the threat to regional and global security.

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