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نشست پیشروی سازمان ملل

As announced, next month, a meeting will be held in Doha hosted by Mr. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, , Qatar regarding the investigation of the Afghanistan crisis and the search for solutions to this crisis.

According to the fourth paragraph of Resolution No. 2721 of the meeting of December 29, 2023 of the United Nations Security Council, this organization is committed to select a special representative in consultation with all stakeholders in the Afghanistan issue, including civil society, political factions, regional countries and the international community. And based on the values stated in the United Nations Charter, the meeting looks for a suitable solution for Afghanistan’s exit from the current situation. However, based on the received information and according to the claim of the Taliban group that they were invited to participate in this meeting, it seems that despite the announcement of the date of the Doha meeting, necessary and complete consultations have not been held with the effective political currents of Afghanistan. The concern of political factions at the national level as well as numerous meetings and conflicting movements at the international level about Afghanistan indicate the lack of national and international consensus and coherence about Afghanistan centered on the United Nations.

Therefore, the National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan announces once again that to solve the Afghan crisis, a coherent and coordinated activity should be started with the United Nations as the center and with the presence of all parties involved in the Afghanistan issue. According to the past experiences, any deficiency and neglect of any of the involved parties will mean the failure of the existing processes and the prolongation of the Afghanistan’s crisis.

Due to the fact that, unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan are now in the worst possible situation and the most intense atmosphere of oppression and absolute poverty and misery, the United Nations and the international community have the duty to save the people of Afghanistan from this situation. Undoubtedly, the only possible way is to start meaningful and coherent talks with the presence of all parties involved in the Afghanistan issue.

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