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بمبارد شفاخانه در غزه

In the name of Almighty Allah, The Judge and creator of justice


To the continuation of the crimes of the Israeli regime in Palestine and the insistence of the supporters of Israel on revenge by insisting on the approach of aggression and collective punishment, in addition to the complete siege of Gaza and the cut off of water, fuel, food and medical needs and the bombing of infrastructures and the killing of 3,500 innocent citizens. Palestinians and wounding more than thirteen thousand civilians, on the eleventh day of this unequal battle, the Israeli regime killed more than 500 Palestinians by bombing Al-Mu’amedani hospital in Gaza.

In the first moments of this bloody and anti-human event, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the number of martyrs in this hospital to be 500 martyrs.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while strongly condemning this inhumane crime, emphasizes that the continuation of this crime will only show the aggressors’ evil approach and show the sense of revenge against the offensive racism of some in the international community and their insistence on elimination and genocide. There will be no other result.

History proves that human realities cannot be destroyed by genocide and the use of excessive and unbalanced force and the end of this path has no other end than the further process of violence and extremism and blowing the trumpet of enmity and malice between the nations of the world and fattening the spirit of conflict. .

In order to save Afghanistan, the National Resistance Council requests the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations to save Afghanistan, considering the painful experiences of our country and the human tragedy and the vacuum of legitimacy imposed on Afghanistan by the dual approaches of international powers and regional countries. In order to end this human tragedy and fundamentally solve the Palestinian crisis, according to the decisions of that organization, they should act as soon as possible and not let an oppressed nation without the necessary means of defense be subjected to genocide in front of the amazed eyes of the world, and some people under the title of the right to defend themselves, destroy and usurp and confiscate his land.

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