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Constitution of afghanistan

In the name of Almighty Allah, the creator of justice and freedom

The extremist and bloodthirsty group of the Taliban has emerged with a terrorist attitude after changing and replacing the constitution in the country and they are trying to replace the approved constitution of Afghanistan with the constitution of the Taliban.

It is very clear that the constitution as a guarantor of  national trust, forms the basis of legislation of any country and is a guarantee to protect the rights of citizens and any change in it, first of all requires the existence of a legitimate system, which currently Afghanistan lacks.  Because the Taliban is an illegal and illegitimate administration at the domestic and international level, therefore, it has no right to draft the constitution or change it, and changing the constitution in any way and under any means under the jurisdiction of an irresponsible group with terrorist activity is illegal and through domination, violence and dependence on foreign countries, it has dominated the country and held the people hostage and any tampering with the approved constitution of Afghanistan in the current situation by the illegitimate government has no basis, and in fact, it is an attempt to strengthen and legitimize terrorist and extremist acts.

Unfortunately, despite all the disturbances, the Taliban group have continuously beat the drum of monopoly and tyranny and tried to make the dark past rule over the destiny of the Afghan people. The policy of discrimination and exclusion has been put on the agenda of Afghanistan’s brotherly ethnic groups, especially the Shiites, and over time, it has imposed more restrictions against them. In its latest action, Taliban has ignored the presence of scholars following Jafari and Ismaili jurisprudence in the Ulama Council of Afghanistan. Muslims following the Jafari and Ismaili jurisprudence in Afghanistan are an important part of the Afghanistan’s society and according to the laws and social parallels; they have the same rights and freedoms as other citizens of the country. Discrimination against the followers of Jafari and Ismaili jurisprudence in the multi-cultural and multi-national society of Afghanistan, despite the official basis of Jafari jurisprudence, is not only unfair and immoral, but can also lead to tensions and incompatibilities.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while condemning the illegal, immoral and un-Islamic decisions and actions of the Taliban, emphasizes on avoiding discrimination and respecting human rights and commitment to cultural, religious and social interaction and strengthening peace in the country, and considers the unfortunate consequences of this decisions and behaviors related to the emboldening of a terrorist group based on the believable interaction of the international community with them. This kind of interaction with a terrorist group has made them and other terrorist groups more arrogant and will pose a serious threat to the international community and global security.

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