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نشست مسکو

In the name of Almighty Allah, the Judge and the creator of Justice

The fifth meeting of the Moscow format is scheduled to be held on September 29, 2023, with the presence of special representatives of the important countries of the region in the city of Kazan, Russia.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan believes that providing global security is the necessity of all countries and the destiny of all humanity is against the sinister phenomenon of common terrorism and everyone is vulnerable to it, and to deal with this danger is the collective responsibility of the world, and on the other hand, considering The fact that the Taliban group is a terrorist and extremist movement and has been illegally imposed on Afghanistan in a treacherous deal against the will of the people has made the country face a serious crisis and will sooner or later cause many problems to the countries of the region and the world.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan welcomes the positive and active role of regional countries and the international community and their efforts to launch negotiations for the return of peace and the establishment of a democratic system based on the rule of law, which is based on the will of the noble people of Afghanistan. , brings the points of opinion of this group to the heads of the honorable meeting of Moscow format:

  1. Any solution to the country’s current crisis will be practical and sustainable if all parties to the Afghan issue share in it;
  2. What has been done so far under the name of interaction with the Taliban by the countries has increased the sufferings and problems of the Afghan people and the way of dealing with this group should be reconsidered. Because this procedure has provided a kind of protective cover for the arbitrariness and encouragement for any inhumane and moral behavior of this group;
  3. The Taliban autocratic group has cooperated closely with all terrorist groups and has turned Afghanistan into a safe nest of terrorism once again. As the reporting team of the United Nations Security Council has confirmed that the Taliban group continues to support terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and the activities of the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda, TTP, Ansarullah Tajikistan, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, ETIP and a total of more than twenty-two terrorist groups, especially It continues in the north and southeast of the country in coordination and under the support of the Taliban and their supporters. It is clear that the purpose of these movements and terrorist activities is to target the security of the countries whose representatives are present at the Moscow format meeting;
  4. In the past two years, the Taliban group has shown that it neither has the spirit of tolerance towards the Afghan people, nor does it accept the presence of political currents, nor does it have the capacity to interact with the human society. Depriving girls from education and prohibiting women from working in all fields, suppressing lawsuits and confining women and completely removing them from society are concrete examples of gender apartheid;
  5. Unlawful political, ethnic and religious discrimination is also a part of the behavior against the legal, humane and moral standards of the Taliban group, which they apply by issuing arbitrary decrees, a clear example of which is issuing a decree banning the activities of political parties, removing some ethnic groups. Together with the brother of the country, especially the Hazara, Ismaili and Shia communities from the cabinet, as well as the banning of Jafari and Ismaili jurisprudence and scholars from the country’s educational centers and the removal of Shia scholars from the structure of the Council of Scholars, shows that this group is committed to the peaceful coexistence of ethnic groups and The religions of the country do not believe;
  6. Persecution, suppression, arrest, torture, field trials and martyrdom of former security forces, former government employees, contrary to what they have announced as general amnesty, as well as persecution and assassination of influential ethnic figures and moderate scholars are other human crimes of the Taliban group.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan is united with other political currents against the authoritarian and illegitimate rule of the Taliban. As we all believe that the continuation of the rule of the extremist and terrorist group of the Taliban will make the situation in Afghanistan even more disastrous and the security of the region and the world will be in serious danger. Therefore, we demand the following from the neighboring countries, the region and the international community:

First: The issue of Afghanistan could not be resolved without the unilateral presence of the Taliban and without the participation of representatives of other political parties and coalitions and the people of Afghanistan, so any decision and solution should be made with the presence of all sides of the issue of Afghanistan;

Second: We ask the leaders of the Moscow meeting to prepare the ground for holding a regional summit with the presence of the United Nations for a comprehensive dialogue between all parties involved in the Afghanistan issue, so that the ground for the establishment of peace and the establishment of a legitimate democratic, inclusive and just system in the country is provided. Because a one-sided interaction with the Taliban group will not have any other result than to remove the ugliness of an extremist group whose continued presence poses a serious threat to the security of the region and the world;

Third: If the conditions for a real negotiation between the parties involved in the Afghanistan issue under the supervision of the United Nations are favorable, the National Resistance Council is ready to participate in these negotiations with all seriousness, purity and honesty through its competent representatives, for the formation of the government and we believe that a government based on the will of the people of Afghanistan will restore security and trust to the country and facilitate the return of immigrants and prevent the flood of people from migrating abroad, and at the same time remove terrorism from Afghanistan and will cooperate in providing security around Afghanistan.

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