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دستگیری زنان و دختران

After the surrender of power by the Taliban group as a result of a secret and ambiguous deal with regional and global powers, the social, political, and economic and security fabric of the country became more fragile. The Taliban group violated the collective and social values of the Afghanistan’s people and over time imposed more restrictions on the people of the country, especially women and girls, and deprived them of their basic rights such as education, work, and presence in public and social spaces. Excluded from the society and applied gender apartheid on them. In their latest brazen action, this group has made arbitrary arrests, against the basic rights and social traditions, and they have tried to solve the problem in this way.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers this heinous act of the Taliban to be contrary to the values and customs of the Afghanistan’s people, Islamic culture, international standards and values in the field of human rights, and rejects any kind of discrimination and violation of women’s rights in the country.

Afghanistan’s women are a brave, hard-working and at the same time hard-working section of the society, who fought heroically against restrictions and threats and made countless sacrifices in this way. Afghan women’s efforts to develop a free, progressive and superior society are admirable. Afghanistan’s women are the proud heroes of the country’s history, whose countless names are included in the golden pages of history.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers women’s rights in Afghanistan as a vital and important issue and in line with the realization of the rights and guaranteeing the future of women and girls in the country as an important and basic principle of effort, and at the same time, this council from the United Nations and The international community wants this part of the Taliban’s inhumane and against the standards of human rights to be included in the file of their human rights violations along with other human rights violations and crimes of this group.

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