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ذخایر ارزی افغانستان

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan believes that Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves belong to the people of the country and should heal the wounds of the Afghanistan’s people, not fatten an extremist group with a terrorist approach. On the other hand, the establishment of a trust fund for Afghanistan has been made with the aim of strengthening monetary and financial stability, fighting the economic crisis and improving the human condition in Afghanistan, but since this institution does not have a legal status and a number of members of this institution are accused of abusing Salah’s positions have been seen, there are serious concerns regarding the way of operation and misuse of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

  1. by what mechanism and who are the members of this organization chosen to decide on Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves?
  2. Numerous reports, including the statements of Brayan Mast, a member of the US Congress in a meeting last month, emphasize the fakeness of the educational documents of one of the members of this institution. How can people with such qualities be trustworthy and sympathetic to the people of Afghanistan?
  3. The use of foreign exchange reserves for the purpose of paying electricity bills and printing passports and similar cases is fundamentally against the banking law and provides the basis for the Taliban group to grow fat.
  4. According to the Central Bank Law, this institution must be politically independent. But now, this bank is led by a Taliban who is sanctioned by the United Nations for the crime of terrorist activities, yet how can we expect that these reserves will not be misused?

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan emphasizes that the foreign exchange reserves belong to the Afghanistan’s people and the oppressive rule of the Taliban lacks the legitimacy and representation of the Afghanistan’s people, and until the establishment of a legitimate and legal government based on the collective will of the Afghanistan’s people, no group has the competence and authority to make decisions to undertake the responsibility of Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

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