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خلیل زاد و طالبان

On February 29, 2020, the United States government, led by Donald Trump, signed an agreement with the Taliban, known as the “Doha Agreement”, through Zalmi Khalilzad, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for peace affairs in Afghanistan.

Signing the Doha agreement with a criminal group, with terrorist activity and supporting terrorism, which does not believe in any of the principles of human societies, global order, and the legal standards of the international system, was a big mistake that set the fate of millions of Afghan citizens on a disastrous path and against their will.

The consequence of handing over Afghanistan to the extremist group of international and regional terrorists “the Taliban”, in exchange for the signing of the Doha Agreement, has not only failed to achieve expediency and benefit for the international system, which has caused Afghanistan to become a safe haven for more than twenty international and regional terrorist groups, but also the basic rights of its people are violated by the terrorist regime in a catastrophic way.

Unfortunately, Zalmi Khalilzad, as a citizen and authorized representative of the US State Department, has played with the fate of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the people of our country by abusing his official position and siding with the Taliban, in a way that the resulting damage is irreparable.

The latest statements of Mr. Khalilzad, in which he appeared as the spokesperson of the Taliban group, show that he and a number of purveyors of the Taliban’s whitewashing project are actually working for an extremist and criminal group that is the cause of Afghanistan’s political isolation and backwardness in development, preventing women from education and work, implementation of repression and torture policy, murder and political elimination, killing of prisoners and people of certain areas including Andrabs, Panjshir and Balkhab, and ethnic and gender apartheid have become and have turned Afghanistan into a safe center of terrorism. His negative words insult the collective consciousness of the Afghan people and its political society.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while considering Mr. Khalilzad’s recent statements as a belief in terrorism and its spread and considers his views to be in favor of the illegitimate dominance of the Taliban and against human rights and Islamic and humanitarian values and requests the United States House of Representatives to evaluate Mr. Khalilzad’s actions and decisions during his tenure as a special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country from the signing of the Doha Agreement till now and provide the basis for his interrogation.

The mistakes that he has committed against Afghanistan and its people and caused the dominance of a group supporting terrorism in our country, should be recognized as misconduct and anti-human rights actions through judicial institutions, and he should be punished.

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