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In the name of Allah, the gracious the merciful!

The Council of National Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while raising deep concerns about the isolation of Afghanistan due to the oppressive control of the Taliban over our land, expresses its gratitude to the organisers of the Munich Security Conference for not inviting the Taliban representatives that itself is a sign of disapproval of their legitimacy.

The Munich Security Conference, which has an important place in the global security debate, is being held this year while Afghanistan is in the grip of a petrified, extremist and terrorist group. The situation is caused by the uncalculated and optimistic engagements of some countries in the world and the region and is also caused by the weak management and lack of national vision of the previous government.


Dear members of the Munich Security Conference!

Afghanistan was handed over to the Taliban group in an organised manner on August 15, 2021, and its system was overthrown and the governance process was also shut. In addition, a group dominated our country, which resorted to terrorist acts and as part of its disgraceful records, it hosts famous terrorist networks from the world and the region.

According to reports, hundreds of extremist forces are currently training in different regions of Afghanistan in alignment with the Taliban group and have safe havens. The terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Daesh, Jundullah, Ansarullah, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, extremist groups affiliated with the terrorist circles of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Bangladesh, some Arab and African countries are present and active in Afghanistan, and they are a serious threat for the global security.  Afghanistan remains the primary source of terrorist threat for Central and South Asia. The optimistic engagements and financial support of some countries to the Taliban group has turned Afghanistan into a great threat to global security, and it is not unlikely that the continuation of this situation will lead to another bloody event similar to the tragic incident of September 11.

Due to the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan, the country has turned into one of the most dangerous regions, in addition to being isolated from the international community, where many cases of human rights violations have been recorded. The heart-wrenching stories covered by the United Nations, especially its Special Rapporteur, Mr. Richard Bennett, show how serious the situation on the ground is. Women and girls have been denied from going to school and university, and their work and social opportunities have also been taken. They have faced all kinds of violence and forced marriages, and have been subject to gender apartheid. Forced migration in certain parts of the country, discriminatory treatment of citizens and fueling ethnic and linguistic tensions while shooting prisoners of war, targeted assassinations of civil activists, justice-seeking women, former security forces and members of the former parliament, journalists and employees of the former government, torturing, harassing the country’s citizens, suppressing women’s protests, making changes in the educational curriculum of schools and universities, insulting national figures and symbols, and denying freedom of speech are some of the crimes committed by the Taliban group, and its severity is increasing every day.                  ↓




Respected heads of the Munich Security Conference!

The Council of National Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, as a big and united political umbrella believes that in the last eighteen months it has been proven that engagement with the Taliban group is an ineffective and unsuccessful solution. The continuation of the unconditional interaction with this group and especially their financial support instills in them the false belief that their criminal behavior is approved by the international community and makes them more determined and bolder to continue their crimes against the people of Afghanistan.

The Council of National Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan expects the international community to adopt a proactive approach and must not let a country of 40 million people be led towards complete destruction by a terrorist and criminal group. In addition to that, the Council expresses deep concerns about the continuation of the existing situation in Afghanistan, expecting the world to impose more sanctions on the Taliban in a way that does not harm our poor and suffering people. It also urges the world to support the alternative forces against the Taliban, in order to provide the ground for the return of democracy, pluralism, provision of human rights, freedom of speech, and a democratic system based on the realisation of social justice and decentralisation.

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