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To the respected members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan!

With greetings and best wishes to all the honorable presidents of the member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization;

As you are aware, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan faced a power vacuum following a treacherous and ambiguous plot on August 15, 2021, and as a result, the country’s system collapsed and the Afghan government institutions with all their facilities were at the hands of the militant group and the violence of the Taliban and its terrorist supporters. It was submitted that it has imposed the following unfortunate consequences on the people of Afghanistan:

⁃ The collapse of the political system, which has caused irreparable damage to all the organized structures of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and has confiscated the rule of law and democratic legitimacy, along with the bankrupt economy, prevailing poverty, and as a result, expert staff have been forced to leave the country.

⁃ Human rights, women’s rights and people’s fundamental rights are violated, girls are denied education and women are deprived of work, civil liberties are denied, the constitution is closed, and besides that, women’s civil protests are suppressed and their privacy, dignity and honor are violated and forced to Forced marriages.

⁃ Revenge, collective punishment, field killings, shooting prisoners and genocide in addition to religious discrimination and resorting to the killing of former government employees, former defense and security forces, religious minorities, scholars, tribal leaders, intellectuals, women, civil activists, Human rights defenders and dependents of figures and leaders opposed to the Taliban in various provinces of the country and the launch of demographic engineering and forced migration policy in the provinces of Takhar, Panjshir, Baghlan, Faryab, Daikundi, Jawzjan and some areas in the north and northeast of the country. ⁃ The Taliban’s hosting of regional terrorist groups has turned Afghanistan into a safe geography for terrorists. The threat of neighboring countries and international powers by groups supported by the Taliban is a serious danger, the loss of which is not only for the people of Afghanistan, but it has threatened the security and peace of the world in an unimaginable way.

It should be noted that the world, especially the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as the largest global political-security-economic conglomerate, must be careful that the risk of a terrorist attack with the illegitimate use of Afghan soil against the neighbors and regional powers is a serious and real scenario, and in this context The regional security mechanisms should not suffer from miscalculations and omissions, and by not cooperating with the Afghan people and appeasing terrorists and their supporters, they should facilitate a terrible disaster. Repeated attacks from the area under the control of this group on member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are a clear sign of the terrorist approach of this group.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan strongly requests the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to evaluate the unfortunate situation in Afghanistan and to assure the people of Afghanistan that while they do not recognize the domination of terrorists in Kabul, they will refrain from any interaction and communication that the terrorists may have. In order to establish their authority over Afghanistan, they take advantage of it regardless of the fronts of world powers, and with respect for the democratic legitimacy of Afghanistan, they avoid separating themselves from the positions of the Afghan people regarding the restoration of the rule of law, the representation of the will of the people in their desired political system and the right To determine their own destiny, they support the Afghan people in the fight against terrorist groups and militant extremism, which are the human commonality of the nations of the world and they do not leave them alone.

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