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Greetings and best wishes;

As you are aware, on August 15th, 2021, following an internal and external conspiracy, Afghanistan underwent a huge transformation, as a result of which the political system collapsed and the government with all its facilities was handed over to the Taliban terrorist group, which had unfortunate consequences:

– The domination of the Taliban group over Afghanistan not only brought down the system, but also affected all the organized structures of the government, and besides that, people’s rights were widely violated, people’s privacy was violated, women were raped, public property was looted and targeted and organized killings took place repeatedly;

– With the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, girls were deprived of education, women stopped working, and protesting women who demanded their rights were treated inhumanely and against the values of human rights;

– Following the rule of the Taliban, in an organized manner, the employees of the former government, the former defense and security forces, tribal leaders, scholars, intellectuals, dependents of personalities and leaders opposed to the Taliban in various provinces were subjected to oppression, torture, psychological pressure and illegal, unjust and field court interrogations, and were killed, which were reflected in the recent report of the United Nations Human Rights Council;

– Simultaneously with the handing over of the government by Ashraf Ghani and the foreign agents to the Taliban, the legal right to settle a number of citizens in the provinces of Daikundi, Panjshir, Takhar, Baghlan and the northern and northeastern regions of Afghanistan was taken away and with their forced migration, the properties of the native people were handed over to others and there is no authority to deal with this injustice;

– With the Taliban’s dominance over Afghanistan and the formation of resistance in some areas of the country, the Taliban group oppresses, tortures, forces displacement, and injustice and murders the innocent people of the areas where the resistance against the Taliban is formed;

– The targeted killings of descendants in certain areas by the Taliban group are a concrete example of the great human crime and genocide that has been going on since the beginning of this group’s domination over Afghanistan;

Raping women and imposing forced marriages on them, along with depriving women of education and work, is another act that the Taliban group has undertaken since the beginning of their domination of Afghanistan;

– Providing shelter to terrorist groups in the region and neighboring countries by the Taliban group has turned Afghanistan into a safe zone for terrorists, and there is a danger of terrorist attacks from Afghanistan to neighboring countries, the region and the world;

While the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan condemns the occurrence of the mentioned events as a crime, considers the continuation of the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan as a serious danger of violating human rights, suppressing the demand for justice, promoting violence and threatening the security of the region and the world, it insists on the respected United Nations Human Rights Council to address the concerns of the people of Afghanistan about the lack of justice, the continuation of crime with the continuation of the Taliban’s hegemonic rule, the promotion of extremism and terrorism, and mass murders and consider the target, not to allow more Afghan people to become victims of the demands of some countries that support terrorism, proxy war and unconventional interactions of some countries of the world with the hegemonic Taliban group.

The National Resistance Council requests the United Nations and its respected members to blacklist the Taliban as a terrorist group and refrain from any assistance to the infamous Taliban administration, because direct and indirect support to the Taliban is in the sense of aiding terrorism and questioning the world’s call to fight terrorism.

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