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The recent earthquake in some cities of the Republic of Türkiye, which has been called one of the most unprecedented natural disasters in this country, killed thousands of people and made tens of thousands more injured and homeless. In addition to the loss of life, this heavy natural event has caused great financial losses to the people of Türkiye. Because as evidenced by the history and friendly relations of more than a hundred years of these two countries, both nations have shared joy and sorrow together.

While once again expressing its condolences and sympathies for the damage caused by the recent earthquake to the government and nation of Turkey and the families of Afghans living in this country who lost their loved ones in this incident, it announces that From the address of this council, after the initial moments of this event, humanitarian measures including collecting and sending aid and sending a delegation to the affected areas have been carried out. Knowledge takes place.

It should be noted that the aid sent by the National Resistance Council, along with a team of Afghan health experts living in Türkiye, who expressed great interest and provided health services to the victims, were warmly welcomed by the Türkiye authorities and the victims of this incident. He got it and from this good feeling, he was praised.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, emphasizing that the nation and government of Turkey is a long-time friend and strategic partner of the Afghan people, and at the same time some Afghan families living in Türkiye have also suffered in this event, continues to help the victims of the recent natural disaster. In this country, which is in serious need of support and assistance, he sincerely requests the members and supporters of this council, institutions and social associations, Afghan citizens living in Türkiye and good people to help the victims of this bitter event in such a difficult situation.

In this regard, the National Resistance Council has entrusted the relevant departments of this council with the task of collecting, transferring and distributing these aids, in cooperation with the institutions and individuals who help and the institutions under the Turkish flag.

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