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The 9th of September coincides with the anniversary of the martyrdom of the national hero of the country, the legend of jihad and resistance, the leader of the martyrs, the leader of the liberation battles of the country, martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud and the week of the martyr, which, with this day, we honor the memory of the martyr Ahmad Shah Masoud and other martyrs of the country.

Twenty-one years ago on this day, Afghanistan lost one of its honest, caring, selfless and heroic son as a result of regional and international conspiracy in the collusion and harmony of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Ahmad Shah Massoud, who is known as a freedom fighter according to friends and enemies, is one of the bright figures of our country’s contemporary history. History, which has recorded countless events and figures in its heart for many years, has reserved a special place for Massoud. A place that is responsible for the brilliance of history and the bearer of countless honors.

Ahmad Shah Massoud is known as a graceful and multi-dimensional person from the national and international point of view. Prominent personalities of the world called him a strategic commander, a free man, a guerilla fighter, a cold war hero and an invincible commander, and some experts in the art of war have considered him to be the same as Charles de Gaulle, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara. He also has a valuable place among the people of Afghanistan as a national hero, a free and beloved man.

The people of Afghanistan owe their efforts, efforts and sacrifices to the heroic men and women of this land in the liberation struggle of the past fourteen decades, whose memories we cherish. When we look at the history of the honors of the country, there is no doubt that the name of the leader of Jihad and resistance and the martyr of peace, Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, Martyr of National Unity, Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari, Martyr of the Nation, Martyr Ustad Abdul Qadir Zabihullah, Martyr Haji Abdul Haq, Martyr Seyed Mustafa Kazemi, Martyr General Abdul Razaq, Martyr Engineer Muhammad Omar and hundreds and thousands of other famous and unknown martyrs will be reflected in the mind of each of us who sacrificed and fought for this land. Their names will be immortal up to the heights of Hindu Kush and Pamir, up to Baba Mountain and Spin Ghar, up to Hirmand and Fararod, up to Alborz and Begwa, and up to the stability of history.

We are commemorating the 21st anniversary of the martyrdom of the country’s national hero, Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud, that our land is under the rule of the terrorist group, the cruel and bloodthirsty Taliban, and that pure and holy soil is under the boots of these mercenary and deceived elements. A group that by repeatedly insulting the tomb and thoughts of the national hero damaged the psyche of millions of his followers and caused a lot of damage to the unity and peaceful coexistence of the people of Afghanistan. In addition to taking away civil liberties, women’s rights, women’s right to education and work, they are actually committing genealogical genocide, forced migration, targeted killings, looting of public property, violation of human rights, rape and thousands of other crimes and are actually destroying the democratic system. i. have collapsed the government and established public order in a primitive tribal and non-modern approach.

With nearly a decade of fighting against the Taliban and terrorists, Ahmad Shah Massoud made the world understand that he is fighting against terrorism and that the danger of this scourge threatens the world beyond Afghanistan, but this call was less listened to, as the result of which was observed two days before Massoud’s martyrdom, that terrorism is not an interoperable force and should not be treated with tolerance. Today, once again, the same danger of Taliban domination over Afghanistan and our land becoming a safe nest of international terrorists has threatened the world, putting it at serious risk of terrorist attacks from Afghanistan.

What is certain is that even after 21 years of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s martyrdom, the legitimacy of his struggle is clear and it shows his understanding of the enemy and the situation in Afghanistan, the region and the world. An enemy that does not adhere to any principle and does not respect any interaction other than totalitarianism.

While commemorating the arrival of the 21st anniversary of the martyrdom of the national hero and the Martyr’s Week, the National Resistance Rally to Save Afghanistan calls on the international community to emphasize the same recommendations of Martyr Massoud in the fight against terrorism with this group, and not to proceed with the path of tolerance and interaction, which is seductive and oblivious, but rather with the rightful struggle of the Afghan people as a fight for freedom and liberation from the grip of terrorism and suffocation, in order to build a modern, prosperous and democratic Afghanistan in which Elections as an accepted principle and people’s freedoms, especially women’s right to freedom of education and work, should be respected and a decentralized, legitimate and inclusive government in which all ethnic groups can see and be formed. Otherwise, the vision of the future of the country with the rule of the Taliban will be darkness and despair, worsening poverty and unemployment, the continuation of cruelty and crime, and the widespread rule of terrorism.


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