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salroz pirozi jahad

In the name of the God of truth and justice

We congratulate all compatriots, especially the pure mujahedeen and freedom and independence fighters of the country, on the arrival of the 8th of Saur, the anniversary of the victory of the liberating jihad of the Afghan people against the invasion of the former Soviet forces and its puppet government. We honor the memory of the country’s millions of nameless martyrs.

Dear compatriots!

The 8th of Saur reminds us of the freedom-seeking struggles and unparalleled bravery of the people who stood up with bare hands and hearts full of love for the homeland and the independence of the country against foreign invasion, and fought until their last breath. In those dark and gloomy days, men and women rose up who did not look to the East nor did they have any greed for the West’s largesse. Rather, they solely engaged in jihad for the liberation of the country from foreign invasion and the protection of territorial integrity and national honor.

Without a doubt, the jihad of the Afghan people against the former Soviet Union, with the efforts and leadership of the great leaders of the jihad, is one of the most brilliant stages in the country’s political history, which will remain shining and a source of dignity and pride for Afghanistan and an inspiration for all the righteous and justice-seeking struggles of our people. The jihad of the Afghan people against the former Soviet Union not only marked the beginning of the downfall of the Eastern Bloc and communist ideology across the world, but was also an inspiring struggle for all freedom movements around the globe. Therefore, the 8th of Saur is a source of pride and dignity for the Afghan people and mujahideen.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of this glorious and historic victory, events and incidents occurred that were bitter and indeed a lesson for the Afghan people.

What is happening in the country today is a continuation of shameless foreign interventions, occupation, crisis, and historical oppression that has befallen the Afghan people. Unfortunately, after all those struggles and the sacrifice of millions of martyrs and the displacement of millions of people during the era of the Soviet invasion, as well as the honorable struggles of the Afghan people against international terrorism and foreign interference in the modern era and the sacrifice of tens of thousands of martyrs, once again we witness mass displacement and the oppressive domination of ignorance in the country. Today, our country has become a large prison for all its inhabitants, which is far more dangerous than the Soviet invasion and yesterday’s occupation. This is because a force has taken control of Afghanistan’s destiny that misuses the name of Afghanistan and Islam, and with the overt and covert, and unreserved foreign support, it does not recognize any rights for the citizens of the country and has held the destiny of the people hostage.

Sadly, the countries of the world have turned a blind eye to all this oppression and cruelty, ignoring the Taliban’s atrocities and engaging with this group. The people of Afghanistan are in the worst possible conditions and at the darkest point in their history, while being forgotten by the world. Therefore, there is only one way, and that is a comprehensive and lasting struggle against the illegitimate rule of this backward and regressive group.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while understanding the difficult living conditions of the people under Taliban oppression, and while appreciating the resistance of the trenches of dignity and honor of the people, and the street protests of brave women inside and outside Afghanistan, has so far emphasized solving the crisis of the country through comprehensive dialogue and negotiations with the presence of all different segments of the Afghan people, especially women, civil institutions, and political parties. However, as was clear from the beginning, the Taliban group has no belief in dialogue and negotiation, and except for paying attention to a small ethnic, religious, linguistic, ideological, and specific political group, it has not listened to any call. Therefore, we call on all political, military, civil, and all different segments of the Afghan people to unite their ranks and take the path of comprehensive, widespread, and decisive struggle. The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan will henceforth consider all means of struggle with all its power and being, and in this path, it will only rely on God and the mujahed people of Afghanistan. We believe that the Afghan people, with reliance on the essence of the one God and inspired by the liberating resistance of the past, will also be victorious in this path.

The National Resistance Council once again calls on the international community and neighboring countries to listen to the voice of the Afghan people instead of providing comprehensive support to the ruling group, and to refrain from any support and engagement with the current ruling group. We remind again that any contract regarding the exploration and plundering of Afghanistan’s mines and economic resources with the existing usurper group is illegitimate and illegal, as this group has no internal or international legitimacy to represent Afghanistan’s legal personality in international forums.

Once again, we congratulate the anniversary of the victory of the Afghan people’s jihad against the former Soviet Union and its puppet government to all the brave men and women of the country, especially the esteemed families of the martyrs, and honor the memory of all the heroes of the path of freedom and independence of the country.

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