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General Rawof Bigi

To Him we shall return.

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan extends its condolences to the esteemed family of Major General Abdul Rauf Begi, a senior general, and to the people of Afghanistan.

Major General Abdul Rauf Begi, a learned, skilled, and knowledgeable military leader, served in various positions from soldier to corps commander, Deputy Minister of National Defense, and Deputy Head of the Northern Military Council. Throughout his years of service, honesty and composure were among his prominent traits. He not only excelled in the field of combat but was also a well-informed and capable writer who documented the country’s events in his works.

General Begi was also a co-founder of Hizb-e Junbish-e Milli Islami, known for his patience and moderation in politics alongside his adherence to ethics. He was a major asset to our land and people, whose absence is an irreplaceable loss.

The National Resistance Council expresses its deep condolences to the family and relatives of the late Major General Abdul Rauf Begi. While appreciating his remarkable legacy, we wish peace for his soul and honor his memory.


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