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Salang Shohada

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

“Among the believers are men true to what they covenanted with Allah. Some of them have paid their vow by being martyred, and some still await, and they have not changed in the least.”

The National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan mourns the arrival of the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Commander Akmal Amir, Abdul Basir Andarabi, Qurban Ali Bamyani, Fahim Salangi, Burhanuddin Andarabi, Abdul Saboor Faryabi, and Hussain Samangani, who lost their lives in defense of the homeland. We pray for the peace of their souls and honor their memories.

Martyrs are unparalleled models of sacrifice and devotion, whose path and creed history takes pride in. Commemorating and honoring the records of martyrs is a lesson for the awakened generations of our country today and tomorrow.

Our homeland, which has been embroiled in various conflicts for more than four decades, has been handed over in the past two years, based on a conspiracy by internal elements and their external supporters, to a group that is incompatible with any religious or human values. Commander Akmal Amir and his comrades entered the homeland to fight against such a group, and sadly, he and his comrades were martyred in direct combat with the enemy. Formerly, Akmal and his comrades, who were among the best defensive and security forces of the country, had defended the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Afghanistan for years within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Akmol and his comrades were well-trained military personnel and experienced and knowledgeable cadres that the future society and system of the country needed. They were trained for years and educated in the best way possible to serve their country and people, but the Taliban group took their lives and deprived our land of several experienced military cadres.

Commander Akmal Amir and his comrades followed in the footsteps of their righteous predecessors and showed that freedom must be attained and the homeland must be defended with one’s blood.

With gratitude and praise for the sacrifices and brilliant record of Commander Akmal Amir and his martyred comrades, the National Resistance Council considers them heroes of the arena of freedom and justice in the country. We offer our condolences on the first anniversary of their martyrdom to all the people of Afghanistan, the families of martyrs, and their admirers, praying for the peace of their souls and for their abode to be in the highest heaven.

The National Resistance Council believes that the blood of these martyrs and other martyrs of the resistance will not go unanswered, and soon the foundation of the Taliban group and their oppression will be uprooted.

And from God alone is success achieved.

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