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Eid Mubarak

We congratulate all Muslims around the world, especially the Muslim and pious people of Afghanistan, on the arrival of the blessed Eid al-Fitr and the passing of the month of sincere worship, the month of mercy and forgiveness. We humbly implore the Court of the Almighty to answer the prayers of the oppressed Muslims and bring a future full of peace, serenity and affection upon all of our destinies.

We have just passed another month of Ramadan, during which unfortunately many Muslims in their ancestral homelands continued to endure the most severe and calamitous oppression and torture, and the enemies of religion and humanity spared no oppression and injustice. In the midst of this, Afghanistan and Palestine continued to witness the endless suffering of the Muslim people of the two countries, and these two Islamic lands have now turned into tormenting wounds.

In our beloved country Afghanistan, an ignorant and primitive group has come to power based on an international and intelligence conspiracy, which sadly spares no oppression against the defenseless people of Afghanistan in the name of Islam and Sharia. Today’s Afghanistan has become a public graveyard where there is no law, no human value is respected by the ruling group, and no right is granted to anyone. As a result, we are rapidly regressing and the more time passes, the further we drift from the caravan of human civilization and progress. Schools, universities, and various professions are closed to half of the country’s population. The ethnic and religious groups of the country are suppressed daily under various pretexts. The brutal killing of former Afghan officials and security forces continues. Worse still, Afghanistan has become a safe haven for all terrorist and extremist groups, the signs of which are becoming apparent. Afghanistan’s economic resources and mines are being plundered. All independent media have been shut down and no one dares to speak about the current situation. Corruption has reached its peak, and every day heavy taxes are imposed on the poor and helpless people of Afghanistan under various pretexts, along with dozens of other injustices being implemented.

Eid, as a religious opportunity and tradition, provides an occasion for people to rejoice and avoid resentment and animosity. Despite the unfavorable situation in the country, we hope that this auspicious occasion will allow our people to live a little happier and their current miseries will be alleviated.

While the National Resistance Council once again congratulates the proud people of Afghanistan on the arrival of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, it hopes that this Eid will mark the end of the ongoing crises in our country, putting an end to the tyrannical rule of the Taliban group and restoring democracy, peace and stability once more.


May every day be yours be Eid, and your Eid a blessed one.

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