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The bitter and tragic accident of the boat carrying immigrants in the waters of Italy, which led to the death and injury of a number of our dear compatriots, including children, has caused the members of the National Resistance Council to save Afghanistan to ponder. The National Resistance Council, while expressing its deep sympathy and emotion, offers its condolences to the victims of this accident and to the bereaved and bereaved survivors, and asks for patience and tolerance from God.

According to the information obtained, thirty-two of our dear compatriots have died and many others have been injured after a boat carrying migrants collided with a rock on the shores of the Italian city of Crotone in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days.

The political, economic and social situation in Afghanistan has changed with the dominance of the illegitimate and illegitimate group of Taliban and it is becoming more critical every day. By monopolizing the power and using the force of coercion from government institutions to suppress people and ethnic, religious groups and women, the Taliban group has put the people of Afghanistan in a state of poverty and hardship and a human disaster. The miserable situation in Afghanistan has led our dear people to go too far and near countries in the hope of a better and humane life, and at the same time, it is also clear that the increasing number of people fleeing from Afghanistan is a sign of the hatred and disgust of the citizens of this country towards the domination of the ignorant Taliban group. Since passing through hazardous ways is the legal way to reach safe and immigrant-friendly countries, most refugees, especially Afghan citizens, are forced to resort to illegal, unhealthy and dangerous routes.

The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, while demanding the international community, the countries of the region and the world, understand the current pathetic situation of our people, and stop the legal implementation of the temporary residence to the needy, hoping that these dark and dark days will pass soon. May the dark clouds of suffering and hardship disappear from the sky of dear Afghanistan and democracy and democracy be realized in the country so that our people live in progress, prosperity, peace and tranquility and are not forced to leave the country and accept the deadly dangers of illegal immigration.

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