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Marshal Fahim

The 18th of Hoot coincides with the 10th anniversary of the death of the late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, the former vice president and one of the influential commanders of jihad and resistance. On this occasion, the National Resistance Council honors the memory of the famous mujahid and powerful politician of the country.

He joined the ranks of Jihad and the people’s struggle for the freedom and independence of the country from his youth and the stage of studying at the Dar Uloom Arabic School in Kabul, and his record in the field of the liberation struggles of the country, especially in the intelligence department and the leadership of the fronts of jihad and resistance, is worthy of praise. Remembered During the period of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, he served as the Minister of Security of the Islamic State, and in the post-resistance stage and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, he played a role in the country’s politics and management from the position of one of the country’s powerful politicians.


The late Marshal had a firm commitment to the unity and solidarity of the citizens and the elevation of the country, and he believed that in the light of justice and unity and solidarity, Afghanistan is able to progress and create a secure future for the future generations of the country.

He believed that extremism and monopolization and disregard for the principle of justice and national solidarity have exposed the country to internal crises and foreign interventions, and such damages in the long run will seriously endanger the integrity and health of the country. and the enemies of Afghanistan and extremists in ambush will benefit from this situation.


He believed that focusing on rebuilding and rebuilding the ruins left over from the occupation of the country by the Soviet Union, overcoming poverty and unemployment, and moving towards the industrialization of the country’s economy with unity and solidarity, and avoiding cruelty, extremism, and captivity. It is necessary not to fall into the trap of proxy games and the spread of terrorism, and the country’s politicians and mainstreams should focus on rebuilding the country’s institutions with such a vision.

He played an important role in the creation of the country’s new army and showed his commitment to public security and the necessity of creating a professional army capable of independent defense of the country.

Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim’s role in establishing the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, drafting and approving the constitution, strengthening the three powers, holding periodical elections and fighting extremism, avoiding monopolization and maintaining public security, is worthy of praise.


The National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan, on the tenth anniversary of the death of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, appreciated the political record and efforts of that famous mujahid during the Jihad period, the Islamic State, the resistance and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and honored his personality, in the following way. The elders of the country are committed to restoring the sovereignty of the people over their political destiny and the rule of law in the country in order to achieve the country’s freedom and eliminate the control of extremist groups over our country.

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