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In the name of God

For the sin of murder

The attack on the Kaj educational center in the west of Kabul, which caused the martyrdom and injury of dozens of innocent young people who had gathered for training, was very painful, sad and a source of deep impression on all of us.

These events not only show the suppression of the education process, but also show the heavy presence of terrorist forces in the heart of the country, which easily attack any place and target innocent people.

Contrary to all false claims about fighting terrorism, the Taliban is one of the main supporters and hosts of all regional and global terrorist groups in the territory under their control, and evidence and findings show that hundreds of terrorist forces are actually present and active in Afghanistan.

The attack on the Kaj Tan educational center is not the only incident that happens continuously, but many incidents including targeted killings, kidnappings, robberies, widespread corruption and various oppressions are carried out by the Taliban terrorist group every day.

While strongly condemning the perpetrators of today’s incident, the National Resistance Council for the Salvation of Afghanistan, sympathizing with the families who lost their loved ones, wishes for the martyrs to go to heaven and a speedy recovery for the injured.

The National Resistance Council asks the international community to support the formation of an alternative plan to fight against extremism, the Taliban and terrorism, to reconsider the interaction with the Taliban terrorist group, which is against the national interests of Afghanistan and a danger to the security of the region and the world be treated as a terrorist movement.

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