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The terrorist, cruel, destructive and evil Taliban group has taken the commander of Khair Mohammad Khairkhah, including a number of other martyred resistance youths and a number of resistance forces, by attacking the undersea bunkers.

Andarab as a land of epics and its people with a high sense of freedom from the first moments of the Taliban’s domination of Afghanistan, in order to defend the dignity, honor and dignity of the people against this vampire group, formed a strong line of resistance and standing and its brave children against This petrified group, with a firm stance and determination to stand and resist, made the Taliban understand that it is not possible to rule over the free land and people of Afghanistan by force.

The brave and famous commander, Khair Mohammad Khairkhah, along with other brave commanders in the waters, kept the voice of freedom loud and defeated several heavy attacks of the Taliban and caused the anger of this group. Some of his companions lost their sweet lives.

While the National Council of Resistance for the Salvation of Afghanistan considers the Taliban group to be responsible for the war, destruction and martyrdom of these righteous and brave children of Afghanistan, the red blood of these martyrs will not go unanswered and every drop of their blood will create a flood to destroy the Taliban.

The National Resistance Council has considered itself a partner in the mourning of the loss of these selfless loved ones, while appreciating their relentless, persistent and brave struggles, it has expressed its sympathy to the bereaved families, the proud people of Andarab and dear countrymen, and the souls of the martyrs. He wishes them to be happy and go to heaven.

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